Word For The Day And Season

January 22, 2017

I got up this morning just to write you. I’ve had such a prayer time this morning, and usually don’t do much interceding on Sundays, but this morning is different.
There is such a war going on in the heavenlies. The enemy is spitting mad and is screaming in hopes to gain back ground and to not lose any more than he has. But it is futile.

Everything seems so political right now. But in the spirit realm, the word “politics” is just a tool and a word that is nearly meaningless to darkness. The enemy knows to use that word to distract and blind mankind from the real war.

How we need to pray over all who speak up for the cause of God.

In a state of being this morning that was aiming toward despair, for all of the rioting and mass protesting going on, I asked God to show me how to pray (yes, in tongues, but) what He had to say about it all. He just reminded me clearly that He is sovereign. A resolve of peace came over me. A different hope entered into me. So, now I have hope of what has happened upon hope for what God will do.

Jonathan & I had a discussion yesterday on the importance of thinking on what is good, true, beautiful, noble, and so forth. We spoke of several scriptures that referred to exalting, encouraging, and strengthening, and saw with refreshed eyes that God really wants us to surround ourselves with good in thought and in action. If we aren’t built up on the inside, we can do little to build up on the outside… meaning, building up others as well as performing whatever God has put our hands to do in the best strength and ability.

A great purging has started in our land. A tearing in the heavenlies is so loud, that I wouldn’t be surprized that the earth reveals some of that tearing in geographical ways.

I thought this morning of the different kings that ruled over Jerusalem. Some were good, some were bad. We don’t read a lot about the upheaval that went on throughout the cities, but there was a fear of God upon the majority of the people when the fear of God was in the king. When God showed me to pray for Him to show up and show off, it was praying for the fear of God to enter man. We need the fear of God. We need it desperately. The enemy will react. He is reacting! But people will respond and hush up. This is my prayer.

There are many ways for God to show up. Mercies, judgment, & miracles. Let us throw ourselves upon the altar and give (and pour out) all of the faith God has laid within us to let us let God be Who He Is. Let us praise Him for Who He Is! Let us exalt Him for Who He Is! Let us proclaim everywhere that He Is God, and that He Alone…… does wondrous things and that He Is Who He says He Is!!!

So, sweet family of Christ, guard your hearts and souls with the good of God. Keep focus on Who He Is. Guard your ears and your eyes. Build yourself up in the knowledge of the King of kings and Lord of lords!!!

But be encouraged. Strengthen all around you. God is bigger than we know………..

In Him