Woes Coming

November 2008

I dreamed I was in a house and went to lie down because I was so tired. I put the blankets just right over me. Then a renown ‘teacher of faith’ walked into the room. He came in all worn out, hunching over with a hood or scarf over his head.

Seeing he was weary and not happy, I knew he needed company. I got up quickly to fellowship with him.

The house had huge windows, perhaps floor to ceiling in a wide stretch. This was a West exposure view of water. You could see the water to the end of the horizon.

I showed this man of God the tornadoes coming from the right moving along the horizon to the left. They weren’t necessarily tornadoes, but figures of disaster. They were all uniform in size and equal distance from one another.

These “woes” as I referred to them in the dream were none stop, for as soon as one disappeared from the grouping of five or seven or more, the next would appear from the right, so there were always woes to see moving across the path they were sent on.

This weary man of faith was indifferent to the horrible view of disasters which surprised me! Then another gentleman came to the room and took up this man of faith’s attention.

Interpretation: ~~
I knew when I woke up that woes were triggered to be released. These aren’t little disasters. These will do great damage, each one. This was the morning of the United States Elections for President etc.

What was really interesting, was that the man who entered into the room was a great man of faith most of us know pretty well. He was not “moved” by the woes in the least. God has shown me that faith is truly that way. Faith isn’t “moved” by what it sees or feels, but by the Word of God. Faith wasn’t moved and either should we be when we see impending danger. We stay on God. This is very good news!

Pray for mercies and miracles always. Pray for revival in each of these areas. Believe God for good and know that He is Sovereign. Always!!!