When Your Back Is Against The Wall

When your back is against the wall, it is then the situation seems impossible. The answer to impossibility is God’s supernatural hand to intervene. That takes a miracle! Don’t be surprized that if you prayed for miracles in your life that you find yourself in impossible situations. Those situations are just doors for the answer to that prayer.

It is interesting that we don’t always think of miracles when our back is against the wall except that we wish we would have one imminently. We feel anxious, frightened, and insecure. We label those things in one word: stress. The truth is, we don’t have those feelings when we are truly trusting God for Who He Is and what His Word says about us and about Himself. So, let’s get there.

Miracles play a big part of being in tight places. Miracles are the whole answer for the impossible. It is probably really safe to say that God loves miracles. So then, it is probably safe to say He loves that we will trust Him enough to put us in that spot (our back against the wall).

A miracle reveals a portion of God in His supernatural state and Supremeness. Miracles bring God glory! 1) We choose to be like God and obey Him. 2) Then we glorify God. 3) Then we bring others to God (they get to see what He’s done), so in short, Be like Him, Glorify Him, Witness of Him. The trinity of purpose for mankind.

What a privilege! We have nowhere to go but Him!

Daniel’s back was against the wall when he chose to worship God after an edict that said he would be killed if he did. God truly was his God. He did not love his life unto death. He simply loved God more! So, off to the lion’s den he went, and God closed the lion’s mouth.

Shadrach, Abednego, and Meshach also had their backs against the wall. They were about to be thrown into the furnace for standing up for their faith. They had nowhere to go but to God in their faith. They trusted Him. Where did they end up? Into the hands of Jesus! He was there in the furnace and rescued them totally.

The Israelites were backed against the wall of an ocean *1. The Red Sea had to be touched by the very Hand of God. I love this true story because having the sea part was certainly in no one’s mind, for it had never happened before. And just how many times has it happened since? But God!!! He is the same today, yesterday, and forever. What is your enemy? What miracle do you need?

First of all, you definitely want to pass this test. Each of the biblical instances I just mentioned was a promotion for God’s people. It’s time for your promotion if your back is against the wall. God loves promotions! And all promotions come from Him. Ps. 75:6-7.

Don’t try to save yourself. That action comes from fear. That means: don’t do something without hearing God first. He may tell you to stay, or He may tell you to move. They both take a lot of faith, for each is a stance of action that only God’s grace can provide you. When you’re in His will, His grace sustains you in peace, strength, power, joy, and love.

Be still and know that God is God. Then you can hear Him. Peace = pure hearing.

If God has told you to do something, and you are following Him daily in everything, then trust Him to bring the solution about His way. Countless times my husband and I had a great need that could only be solved by a miracle or His Hand extended. Each time we’ve seen Him save us in the most unexpected way. Look how God rescued those in the Bible? Ways they did not expect. . Remember His Word in I Thessalonians 5:24 that say, “Faithful is He Who has called you, Who will also do it.” !!!! God really, really does it!

Here’s a couple of thoughts to mix in all of this. Seeds have to die to see rebirth. What season are you in? Is God having you clean house ~~~ uncomplicating your life? Or is it just learning to let God be God and you letting go? My oh my, how God gets so really big when we’ve let Him be God and He gets all the glory.

Get yourself alone with God and repent of fear and unbelief. That is a must. Get in touch with what you really believe in Him. Holy Spirit will guide you and set you free. Where there is liberty, there is rest, joy, and peace!

Many blessings from glory to glory!!!

*1 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/05/140506130433.htm