Way To Go Israel!

January 31st, the dream from God was about Israel and a surprizing and most strategic position and method given to them to thwart the weapons from the enemy. I came to the crest of a ridge and crouched down to look over at a specific place (it is all recorded in my journal, placement and all). I looked down and saw their ingenious defensive system cicumventing all the myriad munitions set against them. I said aloud, “Go God Go! Go Israel Go!” I was cheering them and those around us. It was a massive conglomeration of wonder.

A thought (2/12/12) . . . munitions come in many guises. What I saw clearly however, was what was being pumped through the tubes to stop the onslaught of the enemy.

The economy could be under attack like any other type of resource. My first thought however for the dream was more military in nature, but it could have something to do with the economy resources. As you pray for Holy Spirit to give clarity to this word, it will “click” in your spirit when you are hearing what you are supposed to hear. If we get more, we will certainly share it.

Late last summer God showed me in prayer, that He had surprizes of His own and plans of His own that the world knew not of to protect Israel, for surely He fights for her, His beloved. That brought me great joy and peace, but I do not stop praying for His heart, His land; according to His Word.

You will see and God will be glorified. : )