Waters Covering The Earth And Higher Ground

October 15, 2010

I had the most interesting vision in a dream a few weeks back of water covering many places of the earth. We were all alerted to the fact that the oceans were rising and that we needed to get to higher ground. We had all picked out three spots to go to incase the first higher ground was not high enough!

The waters came up and started to cover our first high place so we scrambled to the second high ground. The same happened there, so we scrambled to the third higher ground. That didn’t work either so we found ourselves regrouping and reassessing.

I remember specifically thinking and saying to those around me just how much water it had to take to come up several feet at a time all over the Northern Hemisphere. It truly was unfathomable.

We had started this venture out with carrying as little as we could and saving what we could, but this time we knew we had to cut back all the more! We were all scurrying around and I remember telling some women to pack items that were vital but not always thought of. In the meantime I was commiserating over a tooth brush!

Off again we were seeking higher ground. We again had three places sought out knowing that for sure the waters would not cover the third place! Yet again, the waters took each higher ground and we lost all of the last stuff we had held onto.

Next scene, I was above the face of the earth able to view all of the Americas from northern Canada to southern South America. We all had decided to flee to South America like a flock of birds. Although we were migrating by foot, I was taken up into the sky. While I was up in the air looking down on earth, a gal was beside me. All of a sudden, nations from Central America and other continents were dislodging themselves from their geographical locations!!

Each country came on its own, and attached itself to either the lower half of Canada or the upper two-thirds of the United States. Once the coastlands were covered, the nations attached themselves to each other as Northern America expanded out, yet each country kept its identity. I realized then that we were not going to go south after all, but stay in the Northern Americas.

I said to the gal next to me, “Isn’t this great!?!” She did not think so. She was concerned about the creatures that are poisonous and all that were in these countries that could now walk into our nation! Hmmnnnn. That took some thought, and then I woke up.

~~ Interpretation ~~

I had been asking God for some time for a dream about waters that did not mean a tsunami disaster in the natural, which I have had about concerning parts of the Northwest which will happen.

I’ve prayed long weeks and sought out from others who credibly hear from the Lord and we are all hearing the same thing concerning this vision the Lord gave me.

What I am hearing about this dream is that the waters are a revival (and revivals are always seeped in repentance from believers and non-believers alike). These waters/revival is about to cover the Northern Americas in a large way and in waves, or stages if you will. As we approach higher ground, our worship to the Lord and our walk in Holiness, more and more of the cares of this world will be dropped off of us as we seek to go higher and yet all the more higher with the Lord.
All of those who sought higher ground will become more like Him and bring others to Him.

It is also interesting to note that whatever we had to lean on for (what we thought) survival, got lesser and lesser. The cares of the world kept getting swept away from the waters and we kept moving higher! “For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Isaiah 11:9b. “. . .they are the holy chambers where the priests who are near to the Lord shall eat the most holy things. . .” Ezekiel 42:13b NAS

We see the need to take this revival to the other nations starting with Central and South America, but before we even get there, those nations (and others) come to us!

About knowing the icky creatures of darkness associated to some of these countries in different ways than we have here, there are always some who start looking what they see in front of them rather than seeing the bigger picture of what God is doing. God’s bigger picture has to be our focus so that all of the little stuff will fall into place and line up with His True Will.

God showed me that the creepy critters that endanger man from the warmer climates in the world will not be able to survive in our colder weather and will dispel and disappear. So is the blood of Jesus that washes away the darkness as it comes to the light. We need to keep our focus on His redemption and plundering hell for every soul for His Kingdom’s sake and glorious name!!!! We need to “stay upon God.” Is. 50:10