Walking Through God’s Open Door


Part One of Three

Have you ever wondered why some people enter into God’s promises while others miss opportunities that came their way?

Or perhaps, someone may speak a Word of the Lord over you that is the very promise you have hoped to hear (in confirming the desire of your heart He has already spoken to you and you have prayed about), and nothing happens like you thought it would?

The following are some keys that may help you walk through God’s open door that He has planned for you since the Alpha began his plans for you way back in the beginning of eternity.

First of all, our relationship with the Lord is a covenant relationship. This can be looked at as a marriage! Husband does his part – wife does her part. God does His part and we do our part. And each person’s part is because of a love relationship, not a bunch of do’s and don’ts.

When you are married, when you go to kiss your spouse, don’t you expect a kiss in return? Or hugging them, or preparing a meal for them, you expect them to eat what you have prepared.

When Jesus went to the cross, He reconciled us to the Father. We are the Bride of Christ. Isaiah even says that God is our husband.

The Word of God clearly states in several places, that if you do certain actions without repentance, you don’t get to receive the gift of eternal life because it equates to you breaking covenant.

Whosoever believes (relies, trusts, & clings to) in Him, shall….

Check your actions right now. Is what you are doing because you are relying on God, or leaning onto your own understanding?

Is what you are going through because you believe with all your heart for God to make it happen through your acts of obedience, or because it should just happen? Are you trying to make it happen out of what motive?

Are you clinging to God when it looks hopeless, taking that stand of faith like a soldier running well the race set before you?