Walking Through God’s Open Door (Part Two)

We know that Deuteronomy states what you get from God when you serve Him with your whole heart, and what curses befall you when you refuse to serve Him.

It’s in keeping covenant with God that you receive the promises. It’s valuing your love relationship with Him and valuing His love relationship with you.

Jesus said, “My meat and drink is to do the will of God.” He also went on to say, that He could do few miracles in His own hometown for the Word of God was not met with faith/belief!

I’ve got news for you. If you don’t really believe that chair is going to hold you up, you will not sit in it. But if you believe it will, your actions always, always, always dictate what you believe. (and so does your mouth)

Let’s give a few real life examples…

A man is struggling to keep Jesus the Lord of his actions on a consistent basis. He lives for God whole-heartedly for small periods of time, and then falls back into the world and his own understanding and conveniences. Remember the parable of the sower? “Some seed fell on rocky places, this is the man who hears the word, and immediately receives it with joy; yet he has no firm root in himself, but is only temporary, and when affliction or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he falls away.” Matthew 13:20&21.

That scripture covers a lot of area, but the one we want to relate to now is the “only temporary” believer being drawn away from the seed God gives him. He gets drawn away when things get tough or aren’t going his way.

This man wants to marry. But he doesn’t keep a job down. He falls into drug use and does not practice daily discipline or structure. He wants a real solid worthy woman who loves the Lord in his life.

Someone spoke a Word of the Lord over him (having heard God strongly for him) that if he would stay in right standing with God and (grow up essentially) for the year 2008, God would bring along a woman for him hand picked and just for him!

That is called, OPPORTUNITY.

He was also told that this woman would come near the end of the year. For a while, the man made good efforts to turn his life around and become presentable for a woman of God. He was encouraged as God wooed him to Himself. But as time went on, he fell back into his old patterns of instability he had lived for the past few decades. Some of those patterns are: not keeping his word, not making extra effort to do what is right, and falling back into sin consistently. The jobs he got, he backed out of. He knew it was God giving him the job, but from a lack of tithing, etc, he leaned on his own effort, and God gave no strength from His Throne to enable this man with grace for his jobs.

This man kept his old wineskins, and God wanted to give him new wine!

This man broke covenant with God yet wanted what you get when you keep covenant!

Sure enough, a woman of God came along attracted to this man (later in the year as God had the year previously revealed), but her wisdom showed her that this man was not marriage material. He wanted to marry her in his heart, but he was not prepared for the opportunity God brought his way.

He didn’t want to pay the price. He is clamoring now to have this prize. God is merciful, but He will not be mocked.

When preparedness and opportunity meet, God’s promises unfold to the believer! Please note!!! Being a believer means you are actively becoming more like Jesus on a daily basis and are paying the price for the promise before you. God’s opportunity!

This means you are dieing to self!!!!

It means when you are believing for something, expect to be inconvenienced (the price) and go after your promise!

We know another man who had no furniture in his apartment! We took lots of goodies over to this person who had made a giant leap of faith to be on his own. A few weeks later another friend of ours had cleaned out part of their house and had beautiful furniture to be picked up. They had a time frame in which to work with. We told this man who needed this magnificent opportunity. He never arranged for it to be picked up during the time allotted (or made phone calls to the owners whom he knew) and lost out on God’s provision for him.

Opportunity came along, but there was no preparedness to meet it.

Part three gives 14 basic questions to ask yourself to check if you are preparing yourself for God’s opportunity. God is more eager for you to receive than you. He sees the whole picture, we call, “the bigger picture”. He is excited for it all to come together.

He is not just about to bless you, but all around you!