Walking Through God’s Open Door (Part Three)

I had a dream some months ago where I was in a heavenly atmosphere. There were tall soft pegs about three feet around all creamy white colored. I was jumping on these pegs and would be catapulted into heaven every time I jumped on a peg. It was so fun and so easy! But I had paid a price to get there. On the ground below the pegs were several people yelling they wanted to be on the pegs. I had not the power to get them there. But I was acutely aware that none of them wanted to pay the price and walk the walk to get there as I had. They wanted the goodies and promises, but were not willing to pay the price or count the cost and die to themselves to attain the prizes available for them!

Our faith means we start preparing ahead of time. We completely trust the Lord that He will bring the opportunity, which is that open door! What day or hour, we normally don’t get to know. But God puts our promise into the oven of affliction to burn off the old wineskins (which means we need to start reacting to things in new ways) so that we can have new wineskins for the new wine He has for us!

Christ is the door. When we are in right relationship, we have 24/7 access to the door God wants us to proceed through. This is a daily, hourly, and moment-by-moment process. And it always boils down to choices.

Review: Ask yourself,

Am I in right standing with God?

Do I know my rights in Christ?

Do I stand in warfare when I sense the enemy thwarting me?

Have I prepared by faith the steps to reach my promise?

Do I stand on God’s Word and confess only His Word for my promise?

Does it show in all I do and say?

Am I dog-determined to act like Jesus would in circumstances facing me?

Am I taking up my cross daily so that He can emerge out of me to others?

Am I taking time to talk and listen to God daily for long periods of time (normally starts out with 15 minutes and grows)?

Am I truthful in all things or do I keep myself from being vulnerable and exposed to those who can really help me?

Am I in fellowship with mature Christians I trust?

Am I in the Word (Bible) daily to hear His voice?

Am I writing down my vision He has given me?

Am I careful not to share my visions with those who belittle me or are skeptical types of people full of unbelief? (Casting my pearls before swine?)

God opens doors for us at His right timing and then by faith we walk through. God is structured and looks for those who will trust Him, stay upon Him to fulfill what He deems necessary for all to be worked together for good.

Final word.

It is easy to judge others who haven’t received their promise yet. This too is a testing ground. Don’t judge! That is, don’t condemn them or say they aren’t going to receive their blessing and promise. That could be the very thing that keeps you from getting yours! We all have people we know that we cannot quite relate to and have not walked in their walk.

We can judge (this is referring to discernment judgment according to I Corinthians only) if they are walking in light or darkness. We are commanded to do that! But judgment in condemnation we are commanded not to do.

Blessing and cursing, life and death come out of your own mouth. You reap what you sow.

So, let’s pray.

“Father, I want to glorify You in everything. I want what You want for me. Help me to shed the old wineskins and put You on like I never have before! Father, everything I do is for Your glory. Keep reminding me of this, and in the meantime, let Your grace be lavished on me to proceed in what You’ve called me to do.

Let Your grace encompass and saturate every part of my being to walk into the good things You have for me… those dreams and desires, those promises You’ve given me. Thank You God. I believe you and repent of everything You bring to my mind so that I will be clear and ready for Your next direction. Change me from glory to glory for Your name’s sake. In Jesus’ name, amen.”