Waiting For The Prophetic Promise To Materialize

January 16, 2013

This morning I had a dream about a cat that was very good sized with long legs and was beautifully and clearly black and white. There were big black and white distinct patterns on his fur. He was a lovely cat and well natured and was just being a cat!

He was going back and forth and in and out of the house. My husband was tiring of this and thought to put the cat into another room as though it had done something wrong. But the cat had done nothing wrong; he was just being a cat.

I explained this to him with several people around and we all smiled and understood. I think I may have been cleaning this very large estate (that was pretty new to us) while I observed the cat going back and forth.

Interpretation ~~~

Black and white is so clearly the ways of the prophetic and those who are prophetic. We see things black and white! No middle road (as far as righteousness is concerned for sure). What the Lord showed me is that “we”( the body of Christ) are clearly standing on prophetic words that we’ve waited for – for so long that we can get impatient and doubt that the word was really valid. How could the promises we’ve been given take so long to manifest? It can be tiring.

In real life, my husband is quite patient. We have however questioned ourselves and sought out God to make sure we are still on the correct path and that we aren’t “missing” God. That is a healthy thing to do. In faith, not out of doubt. There are turns and twists and many road signs on the journey of faith. We need to constantly and daily be in touch with the One Who gives the promises to begin with, and we need to know that He is directly speaking to us on whatever promise it is we are certain we’ve heard from Him.

In the dream, my husband lost sight of the fact that the prophetic has its own timing and ways, while in the meantime we are becoming more like the King of Glory!

We are waiting for healings (and have received many along our path), a mighty visitation of His glory, and a house as part of the big promise God has given us. What are you waiting for?

Let God have His way while you are changing from glory to glory! Soon and very soon, we shall see the King!