Two Storms Yet To Come

March 10th, early in the hours of the morning, I was well into my second day of being on an Esther fast with others in the country. I dreamed a prophetic dream about the body of Christ. We had just gotten through a major storm. We all were relaxing and felt great relief. Everyone was about to disperse and go on their way.

All of a sudden I heard from the Lord that, “TWO MORE STORMS ARE COMING!” I was in great shock. I was so rattled, that when I went to put this report onto the press machine, I was shaking terribly. I was going in great haste and fumbling as I went. I simply had to get this word out to everyone, but it had to get to a few certain key people for everyone else to hear. It was vital everyone knew, and they had to know now.

Having fumbled through efforts of being speedy, I was all the more shaken. But God in His greatness brought those key people to me, and I was able to verbally share with them what God had spoken. They were very grateful and took the immediate and vital measures to get the word out. I was relieved!

It was dark and cold outside. I think snow was involved and possibly my friend in Texas was one of the ones in the area where we were.


Storms in the political realm is what has come to me. The Esther fast that God called forth through Lou Engle was to override what the enemy has had planned for our President and the political scene connected to him.

The very fact that I heard on the TV and Internet later this day that a major snow storm was heading for the East and the Northeast area of the United States ringed in my spirit concerning my prophetic dream.

For whatever reason, I just know I’m to get this word out to the body of Christ. Pray and follow what God is leading you to do. Remember, we have always said that prayer changes things. Even if it is to minimize the situation, rather than having it so big and horrible ~~ that it would be small in comparison~~ is a victory in prayer. We must forge in prayer with faith to see the merciful hand of God. He must have His way in all things. God is sovereign and God is great! We must be in one accord with our Heavenly Father. We must know His heart and intentions, and that comes from being quiet with Him and listening carefully, in whatever time table He calls us to do.

Blessings as you are changed from glory to glory!!!

In Him,

Your faithful servants, Jonathan & Stephanie