Truth ~~~ What Is It?

One can say, “truth is the absence of falsehood”. That’s only the beginning.

Truth starts with the earnest desire of being pure hearted. What can come of impurity?

Truth understands sacrifice, fidelity, loyalty, and most importantly, light.

Let’s take fidelity. It’s not a subject I’ve heard spoken about for decades but have heard it twice spoken. Perhaps I’m not qualified myself. I know deep in my heart this is a character that supersedes your ‘norm’.

Faithfulness, reliability, trustworthiness, and commitment are just a few synonyms of the word fidelity. I can see now that this subject is worthy of a book. But I will do my best to condense this whole subject to just a few pages.

When you think of a “noble” person, don’t you think of the aforementioned attributes? Someone who lays down their life so the bigger picture can take place to bless others is seen as a “noble” person.

Had Jesus considered His understanding outside of God’s will, we would have no redemption. If you stood in God’s will instead of your own understanding, would that not release His purpose in the situation you are facing? Or at least it would be a key and a part of the whole picture. It’s your part. God is asking you to be faithful to desire His way and no other.

He sacrificed, was reliable, committed, and faithful. He Is Light. He had one vision: The Father’s vision for Himself and for the world.

Are we not also to be like Him?

Everyone’s “call”, everyone’s part in the body of Christ is different from the other’s. You just have to plug in and know what your “calling” is.

When you read your history, who stands out as someone you want to emulate? The one who is noble! The one who gave everything they had for the greater cause. The one who lost everything they owned for the greater cause. The one who would not bow down to anything or give into anything that would compromise his or her conviction.

Independence Day, July 4, 1776 and the Declaration of Independence would not exist without the character of fidelity, reliability, trustworthiness, and commitment of the people who fought and died for such liberty that we have today and has been melting away because of personal ambition and the absence of truth.

So, about truth. What is it we do in our everyday lives that show the presence or absence of truth?

Pride is a leading cause of escaping truth. Pride is always protecting its image. Pride counts a negative cost. Truth counts a positive cost.

I know that if I don’t want to get blamed for something, I am challenged to not tell the whole truth, and God doesn’t help me if I try to lie! Hahaha

What I mean by this is ~ that I don’t lie and do expect God to help me tell the truth. Aaahhhhh, another deep subject. How about those midwives in the land of Goshen who were dictated by the leader who said to kill all the male babies while coming to birth?

Now, we have to listen to God. There is a higher law. It is to preserve life and not premeditate murder. “Thou shall not kill”. Remember that commandment? I add here, with all seriousness, that commandment has been quoted (could even say, “misquoted”) by those who are not in Light on that subject. That commandment is not talking about war.

War isn’t premeditated murder. War is designed to save lives. Some will die for the greater cause. God doesn’t contradict Himself. If you think He does, then you cannot see Truth, and you walk not in the Light.

Truth is Light. Light is Truth. God’s Word is Light & Truth. If you truly love God, you will lean on His understanding, not your own. It’s in walking in truth because you love Him that He can turn your circumstances around and bless you more than where you stand right now.

It’s in walking in truth that you are leaning on Him Who alone is able to release His Hand of goodness toward you. If you keep yourself on your circumstances, you will have no peace. No peace, you can’t hear God. No God, you have no Supernatural intervention that will glorify God your Father. And your life is solely to glorify Him, letting go of your agenda.

One of the actions of the Holy Spirit is to guide you into all truth. God is faithful. What do you have to worry about?

One of my favorite verses of scripture is found in Isaiah 50:10, “Who of you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His servant? Who (you) has no light and walks in darkness? Let him trust in the name of the LORD and stay upon His GOD.”

You cannot make truthful decisions without leaning on God and therefore living according to His Word 100%. You miss by a fraction, you’ve missed it entirely. You don’t get into heaven by your works, but by your faith which reveals actions that line up with the Word of God.

Have you ever run after a plane taking off? You are running down the runway hoping to hop on. If you miss it by a millimeter, you’ve missed the entire plane.

Truth keeps his word. I’m not talking about a circumstance that is overwhelming preventing you from something you knew you would do. Yet even then, you must weigh the value of the circumstances and often can overcome the obstacle. Keeping your word is chief. This is fidelity. Reliability has its own role in this before you even give your word. More on that (perhaps) in a different teaching. (ta da! An example)

Truth doesn’t puff up. Truth doesn’t act arrogantly, for it has resolved that being who you were created to be (as long as you are actively changing for the better) is the person to offer to others so that you can get truth in return. In other words, you reap what you sow. Don’t try to be someone else other than you are.

Truth doesn’t hide. Truth does what God tells you to do, rather than avoid His prompting. Truth comes forward to bless people. In Psalms, God says, the wicked flee when no man is pursuing, but the righteous stand bold as a lion.

Truth reveals the fruit of the Spirit, gentleness, kindness, meekness, etc.

Truth is the “salt of the earth”. Do you see someone in sin?

Truth embraces wisdom. There is a time and place for everything. Read Ecclesiastics 3:1-8.

Truth embraces kindness. Kindness doesn’t ‘blab’ to place you into a good standing. Promotion comes from God. Truth also doesn’t ‘blab’ as a ‘know it all’ or try to get someone into trouble, or show that you know something someone else doesn’t know. Truth knows when to keep its mouth shut because it isn’t thinking of self.

Truth is selfless.

There are better sermons and much more to be said about truth, but this is a place to start.

I personally have made a commitment to truth since I was a small child. My parents exemplified these attributes. I learned about these great qualities of fidelity, loyalty, and such through great teachers and have yet to master them. But it is in every thought I take and every action I take that I keep truth and wisdom in the forefront. To do this takes an all out surrendering to the only One Who can make it possible to even head in this direction, and that through His grace ~ shed most generously to those who believe and cling to Him.

Let’s pray:

“Lord, I acknowledge total dependence on You. Give me more grace to walk in truth to bless You and glorify Your name. I know that grace comes when I step forward in my actions that line up with Your precepts. I know I am not condemned when I fall, so I get right back up to do what is right. I acknowledge that I am becoming more like You, precept upon precept, line upon line, from glory to glory. I trust You with my life as well as I trust You for those lives around me, from this moment on. Thank You God for Your Sovereign love for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.”