True Confidence

One thing God spoke to me about this evening was on confidence. God and I go way back on this one.

For years I played the piano (decades now) for various functions starting out with piano lessons and all the recitals that go with that since the age of seven. When I was 15 years of age I started leading worship in the local church.

In my thirties, I was struggling with having perfect peace before certain productions or performances. That is always a sign of God having something to show you.

I asked God all about this thing called confidence. Jesus said no man is good. Hmmnn..

Okay, I understand all of that, but what about how was I to feel before I got up before a lot of people to present myself?

Or maybe just to confront someone about something? Or someone watching me on the job? Where and how was I to be mentally?

God made it very clear to me that His Word says, *that no man is to think too highly of himself. He also says, that if we *humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord He will lift us up. Okay… but just how was I to think?

Then He showed me that if I knew Who He Was and Is… and could place my trust in Him, and have confidence in Him to carry me through anything…. then my thoughts would be on the right track.

I realized then that I could make mistakes, and not be embarrassed, because I knew (because my faith in Him dictated so) God would bless my messes, or in other words, *turn it for good, no matter what. No matter what.

My part was to trust Him with all my heart and place my situation in His hands, and then do my very best. That is all God requires. No more stress, worry, anxiety, or fretting! They lost their sting.

My confidence stays in Who He is and what He says in His Word about our relationship and me. I totally rest and trust in Him.

And you too!