Tie Up Your Lose Ends!

Tie up your lose ends and bind anything that isn’t of God and move forward in His Righteousness. His hand will move strongly in judgment on some coastlands.

Sunday November 10, 2013 I had a dream with Jesus. He was walking with me (and a few others) giving instructions on binding with rope (that was provided) certain ports (on the water front ~~ no buildings or boats, just ports of water). In other words, we came to the shores that seemed sandy and that also had inlets. We were to take rope at the end or nearby one inlet and knot it at the other end of another inlet along the shore. It’s difficult to explain, but I will keep trying. You know dreams!!!!

Before we had approached the water’s edge (and not always just water right there) the group of us had seen two looming storms. We could tell by the darkness of the clouds in two different places. Jesus told us that it was just about on us and that we had to secure certain sections of the land near the water that needed to be destroyed together. Yes, destroyed together. Between the knot on the left, and the knot on the right, that whole section of land near the water would be destroyed. We didn’t see the rope except at the ends where I was to tie the knots. God had them connected before we got there.

The sand was white and I saw little bitty inlets as well as larger areas of land and water.

>b>The last knot I tied was with a rope unlike the others. The other ropes were thinner than a finger and they were easy to tie knots into. There were various sizes, but the last one was huge! It was a white silky rope about 8” in diameter. The end of the rope had at least a couple dozen frays. I was struggling tying it correctly, and a man was holding the rope while I tried to knot it. I had done it once, and the guy was about to debate it, but Jesus on my right (He was dressed all in white) said, “She is getting it.” I knew I had to do it all over again and did more successfully. I had felt in a hurry but knew I had to do it right.

Then we (the group) were on a street, and we said our goodbyes. We knew the people would perish. They didn’t know. We weren’t allowed to tell them. A gal and I were on a street and went over to a little family that I especially wanted to say goodbye to. Their little girl who looked Persian, or Indian (like India or Indonesian) was mainly who I wanted to say goodbye to. She was so pretty and had long, brown hair that went with her beautiful, brown eyes. The family was (standing on their road or dwelling) about a foot or so lower than our street (like a mild dug-out). I hugged her and told her we would be together again and sooner than she might think. Something to that affect anyway. I knew inside of me she was going to heaven, and that some years down the road I would too. It was my way of comforting her for she didn’t want us to leave and I didn’t want to give the impression that it would be a long way off, although I felt it would be somewhat .

Then with misty eyes, she longingly looked at my friend to my right (slightly behind me) wanting a hug and more of a connection with her. I then said (thinking of our mansions in heaven) “Would you like to live near her?”


I’ve heard the Lord say, that we need to prepare and tie up loose ends. Whatever that means to you, get ready. Pray for mercies and miracles for salvations and deliverances through these times.

Repentance in the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) for God’s people to turn from their wicked ways is the same word meaning; which is to have a change of heart or turn from the wrong way. Being “sorry” is to have a change of heart. It is just another word for repentance according to the Hebrew and Greek scholars.

The Epistles (after the Gospels ~ Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) are addressed to the Believers. This is a well known fact, yet there are those teaching some strange doctrine out there! Be careful. The Old Testament and Epistles speak about how the believers need to let go of their ungodly ways (after all, only Jesus is perfect) and turn from those ungodly ways and chose Christ and be perfect even as He is perfect.

God doesn’t change. “I change not.” Malachi 3:6 I’m glad God put that there in the last book right before the New Testament!