The Resolute Man

This could very well be about Abraham our father, or perhaps Daniel and his companions. Instead, this is about you, the resolute man, who refuses to budge in the face of adversity.

Adversity comes in many faces. Health, wealth, financial challenges, relationships, authority, the traffic, or a number of things can be your adversity. Whatever difficulty you are facing at the moment is there for you to find out just what kind of person you are. Even as much so, the present adversity is there for you to find out who God is! This is something that can be absolutely missed or obtained.

Faith either ushers you into the living Word of God, or fear, impatience, rebellion, or pride ushers you into another defeat and disappointment. You, oh man or woman of God, are a resolute person of faith, because you love Him more than your understanding. This is the basis of being resolute.

Resolute is one who is uncompromising, indomitable, unyielding, and unswerving in His faith and devotion to Christ in all He does. A resolute person is trustworthy for he is steadfast, reliable, and unshakable. A resolute person builds all of this foundation because of his integrity (determined to be godly no matter what) and therefore, has walls of glory built up around him. Selah (take a moment to think on that)

The resolute are those who receive the miracles of God, for you cannot have a miracle without an impossible, and that is simply why so many have missed it.

This day is the day of being more resolved than ever to press through what God has told us to do. It isn’t a license to be bossy; it is a liberty to open doors of greater glory for His Kingdom. This is the day to resolve once and for all that God is Who He says He Is, and that He is a rewarder of those who persistently, constantly, & consistently seek Him. Heb. 11:6.

Resolution is what gave Abraham and Daniel (not to mention many others) names in the Hall of Faith mentioned in Hebrews 11. Like us, they had the little things to work through that paved the way for how to resolve the bigger things. The little things pile up. The little things matter.

Pick up this day your shield and sword and gird yourself about with truth and keep thinking salvation! Salvation is not just about asking Christ into your heart, salvation is recognizing that Jesus Christ the Saviour saves you out of every mess, confusion, sickness, heart-break, and impossible situation you could ever find yourself in. That’s His name! Redeemer! Captain of the Hosts! Saviour! Almighty God! Sovereign!

Keep forgiving, staying patient with kindness, giving generously, keeping faith and hope, and above all, love love love. The resolute in Christ do not lean unto their own understanding nor fall back in old patterns of the flesh, but rather gladly (and sometimes fearfully) fall in God’s arms of steadfastness and ability to ride over all that we see and know. It’s His ability not our own that performs the very miracle we need.

He IS the supernatural. He IS the hope of all glory! He IS GOD!!!

(let’s pray)

“Father in Heaven, I invite You into my present situation, every detail and things I don’t even know about in the situation. I have resolved this day that You are Who You say You are, and I will not budge! I believe for Your Hand to be extended and intervene for the sake of Your glory. I live for Your glory, not mine. I want to be the resolute person that blesses you continually. I BELIEVE IN YOU GOD ALMIGHTY. I believe You are my Saviour in all things. I will continue believing and acting like You regardless of how I feel or what I see, whatever Your Word tells me. I know You will change me from glory to glory, for all that I go through is for Your glory. This is my resolve: To love You above all else. In Jesus Christ’s name, forever. . . amen.”