The Promise In The Trial

January 10th, 2015

In the dream, a couple of guys had their cars and drove in front of my car so I stopped my car. They wanted to show me something! I got out, and we all looked up at the sky. They just didn’t want me to miss the blessing! The blessing was…. a cloud of stormy dark clouds, but most of them had been lined on the bottom of the cloud with a rainbow in the most brilliant of fashion. The rainbows weren’t bowed, but sort of curved across the bottom like long stretched out scoops. The rainbows lining the bottom of the clouds were extremely brilliant in color.

It was a magnificent sight. The Lord told me after I had awakened, that although the trials are many, His promises still stand, and will be seen in them all. .

He gave this not only for us, but for the body of Christ. The two guys were angels showing me God’s message of hope and about His faithfulness no matter what happens. If we abide in Him, do what His Word says to do (in obedience and trusting in Him simply because we love Him) we have total access to His promises

Enjoy seeing His hand in each situation you go through!!!

From glory to glory.