The Power Given To Each One

I was asking the Lord one night why Salvation was such a difficult thing for people to grasp. I know that the Lord has made His love to us freely~ for us to receive. I know that He sends His messengers and His Holy Spirit to touch people’s lives so that they may be drawn to HIM.

I know that many people who do not believe in Him have received healings, anointed words of encouragement, and even the gifting of God toward them as well as His supernatural intervention; yet they still do not believe.

Then God gave me a vision of something that was some sort of image floating in the air. It wasn’t clear what it was at first, but it was out there for me to reach, but I couldn’t reach it. It wasn’t bold in color, but hazy although solid and like a book.

It was called, “Salvation”. In this book was all of life. This book was something that needed to be reached for.

Pondering on that, I asked the Lord, “How do I get that book?” God said, “…that it was the same for every person, every soul.” He continued to tell me, “Each and every person can have my Salvation, but the only way they can receive it into their very lives is by faith. It is faith that gives you the reach (like a magnet) that causes the book of life to become yours.” So, if you choose to believe, God causes His salvation to become yours, and as you are reaching out for that LIFE, He brings it to you and puts it into you.

It is the power given to each person (faith & choice).

I know this whole story sounds so simple, but I realized that God is in reach just because you choose to believe.

But it goes further than that. What is your need?

God gives to every man a measure of faith. Take it. Take the faith He has given you, (not someone else’s faith) and choose to believe what God has already supplied for you.

Look into the Word of God. What does it say about your need? What area of your life needs the power of His salvation, His saving? Jesus said He could do few miracles in His hometown for they did not mix His Word with faith. So, whatever you do, add your faith to it!

Remember two things. Jesus is the Word. Jesus became flesh. He is our salvation for every need as well as eternal life. There is no other way.

Jesus could do few miracles in His hometown for their lack of faith. (They were busy processing Him in their flesh/carnality of understanding.) So, believe to receive.

What a great path you are on to go from glory to glory!

God’s blessings to you our friend.