The Joys Of Being A Prophet

September 21, 2016

I know of prophets in the Bible and present day prophets who received words from God that took years to fulfill. But something else I’ve noticed, and that is when the prophet starts out, the fulfillment of their prophecies come quickly. It seems maturity develops character, and character develops patience. Where there is patience, there is joy and confidence. In so much to say, that as maturity comes for the prophet; his prophecies often get strewn out over time. It’s okay. It’s natural. Most people know this.

Confidence is brought about by much testing and wringing of hands. Faith is still the better way. Why wring hands when you can trust in the Lord God Almighty? He is either great and unsurpassing (unrivaled, unparalleled) concerning all of our thoughts and imaginations; and is true deity (Divine) as His supernatural being, or He isn’t any of that at all. I choose to believe in His Sovereignty and greatness. (Hebrews 11:6)

Trusting God releases peace that passes all understanding. We could all use more of that. But why am I taking time to write this at this time?

I am convinced that a couple of the words I’ve given (one was about power outage, the other was about presidency) that I saw some sort of fulfillment, as I wrote about some time ago, but I strongly believe that we have yet to see the utter fulfillment!

Yes, I’m confident about that. Heh…

I would also like to say that because of a vision I had received one morning a few years ago that revealed some serious solar extensions to come, that the power outages will certainly come forth. Keep those batteries and extra supplies growing! And I believe there will be an abrupt changing of hands concerning the presidency. Don’t know when, but am certain of what I’ve seen.

The joys of being a prophet? Staying in faith of what God has spoken clearly.