The Great Northwest

November 6, 2012

Again thank all you intercessors that prayed and averted much that was to take place in September. When we opened this website up years ago, we strongly encouraged people then to take words that are given by prophetic people when God speaks to them about impending dangers to the Lord in prayer. The Bible reveals the power of prayer and what happens when people repent, intercede and stand in the gap for His people. This is one of those times.

It is also important to note that the Lord also used me September 10th to show there had been a lifting of the danger or disaster. I actually felt a lifting of it the last two weeks of August. I took it to the Lord Who then spoke to me through the dream in September which I shared on this site. Had He not showed me, that wouldn’t have been consistent with Who He is.

Some dreams and visions I get the full interpretation immediately. Others come together through weeks and months, or just days.

Four years ago this morning I woke up with a vision God had given me for our nation. It just so happened to be the morning of the presidential elections. You can find it in the archives somewhere here, but it wasn’t until a year or more ago did I get the full meaning of it.

I had seen (in that vision) tornados (woes) across a wide expanse of water (water meaning mass people) coming from the right moving down to the left. They were equally meted out and constantly coming. Kenneth Copeland walked in with his head down and burdened. I showed him the woes out of the large wall sized windows and told him what they were. He could tell anyway.

Then a business man opened up the door on the other side of me, and as if nothing serious happened, Kenneth walked out with that man and took up business as usual.

A year or so ago, I realized that because Ken represents “faith” (I knew this though) that he was not moved by what he saw (after he prayed) but was moved by the Word of the Lord, and Him only. That is why he had the freedom to continue business as usual. The woes were not going to dictate to him his life. The Word of God was his life-line by faith. That was God’s message to me and to those who read the prophecy here at the time. We can proceed with faith and still keep our heads high and be victorious through anything! That’s God! That’s His blessing to those Who believe His Word and rely on Him totally.

Lastly, I wanted to share that I am still getting dreams or visions (often one in the same) about the Northwest getting the earthquake God originally spoke to me about June 2005. Just the past several weeks I’ve had two more dreams about the earthquake to come here. I saw a tsunami hit one of the Northwest’s Islands larger than I was expecting.

Please continue to pray God’s mercies and miracles on the Northwest! Repentance is God’s heart. Reconciliation (that repentance gives us) is always His heart.

We love you and are here for you!