The Angels Of God And His Protection

For days I have wanted to stress the point that the big bad thing had passed in the vision I was given. But when Ken and I looked out the window to the East (of Washington) it still felt black and billowy. We couldn’t see it, but wondered if the damage was east of us or if any damage had come at all. We will wait until October to see what God has done. The original vision covered the northwest, which includes parts of Canada, Idaho, and Oregon literally. It’s been a tough month with the fires for Washington and Oregon. This is how much we know at this point.

August and September were horrible months for those in Eastern Washington due to many devasting fires. Our prayers have gone out to them all.

This September 10, 2012 I had a strong prophetic dream. I had entered someone’s house who is famous for their walk and teaching on faith. Having entered their house (of faith) they were cool, calm, and collected. The wife of the couple was walking around with her coffee mug filled with warm coffee, and she was smiling and went on with her business or casualness. The husband of the two talked with me and we went to look outside his living room window to see if we could see this awful, big, and horrible thing coming. It was soon to hit.

We did not know what it was. We just knew it was big and bad. Really big.

It was dark and grey in the room and night time outside. There was always light near the window somehow.

I was back at the other end of the room, perhaps coming through the kitchen back into the living room, and I stopped right there in the middle and proclaimed out loud in a loud voice, “I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER US! NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER & NO EVIL SHALL BEFALL US!!!”

Everyone said amen to that and we all smiled and took our stand in God’s faithful and true Word.

Back to the window I went. Ken (the husband) also stood there with me. All of a sudden, as we looked to the right of the property where the driveway was, three long-bed dump trucks were diagonally parked across the entrance of the driveway. The road we had been looking at ran from the left to the right past the house. The disaster was going to come from the left. Now these trucks were there guarding the entrance to the property.

We looked at each other wondering where these trucks had come from. We went over to get some coffee (for we were on watch) and went back to the window to see where this thing was and how it was going to come. We looked over to our right again and this time found five trucks parked there!

We praised the Lord for this supernatural act and I ate a half of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. About the best I had ever had. Yum.

We walked over to observe the trucks this time and it occurred to us that “the danger had passed and missed us”! It came, but went “past” us. It did not come on to us. The end of the dream.

~~~ Interpretation ~~~

It is clear that we were standing in faith to be protected by whatever it was coming our way. We also took the next step, and that was to SPEAK God’s Word out loud and stand on that Word. (Out of our mouths proceeds life or death. Choose this day life.) Deut.

When I awoke, I thought of the Passover, and how the blood of the lamb was applied to cause what came to pass over those who came under God’s wing of faithfulness. We have the Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ to speak over us.

Be encouraged as days of testing and disasters come upon us. If you do not believe God will protect you, then read God’s Word and find out that He does! There are hundreds of stories to access that tell of miracles because the people pleaded the Blood of Jesus over them. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Remember, He gave me this visitation to share with you to encourage you and to show you how to keep safe.

Two thoughts:

Being in His will and speaking His Word over your life loosens God’s hand to put a hedge of protection around you. There are three things you must do to be in His will and speak for this.

Three things:

1. Be in His will (walking in obedience and having repented of any sin in your life and having forgiven anyone who sinned against you)
2. You have to know Him to be in His will. Go to “Support Us” link above on this page and from that page there is a column to the left that says, “Salvation, I want it”. Click on that and pray that prayer in your heart so you can hear to be in His will.
3. Speak His Word of protection and promise over yourself ~ OR ~ if you do not have the time to pray (which has happened to me a few times when my life was threatened) CALL ON THE NAME OF JESUS AND HE WILL SAVE YOU!!!!

What especially struck me about this vision is that the big bad thing passed over us and we wondered if it had come at all. It could be what was planned originally January 1st of this year has been prayed and interceded away. That’s our job as believers to stand in the gap for God and turn to Him in all things and believe for His mercies to change certain judgments with His intervening hand.

Let’s hope IT HAS PASSED or is FINISHED!!

Blessings and peace be on you all! From glory to glory!