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We love to give. We support the biggest and the littlest. Our hearts that God has given to us want the gospel to be spread as quickly as possible. We have various ministries that we pour into for the homeless, for the poor, for those having not heard the gospel, and some worldwide ministries that cover more than most. We remember the fatherless, widows and prisoners. We are ever expanding.

One of our outreaches is the I I I Foundation. This is to protect and rescue the forgotten generation that has fed and led the way for us this day. This generation is the elderly and the foundation is evangelical. Visit our I I I Foundation page for more information.

We thank you for your support for us in three major arenas. Some of you may gravitate to one or two or even all three.

Prayer is the key and most vital for any ministry. Your prayers are our backbone and blood that support life. Also, if you want to start up an intercessor group, please write us about it and share that glorious news with us. We pray in return for all who support us. This is never a one-way street. So, you have us.

Finances are great for expansion for us as well as just a tool for you and anyone to do the bidding of the Lord.

What we mean by that is, you need to do what your heart dictates unto the Lord, not as unto man but all things as unto the Lord (Colossians 3). The body of Christ is not the old fashioned thinking four walls. It is who ministers to you. Most ministries have an outreach in missions. Many a ministry teaches, guides, supports, and gives you their time. But not are all in the local four walls called church. You and we are the church. The church is the body of Christ.

We were raised in very religious surroundings. We weren’t sure you could pray without having your hands folded once upon a time. But the Holy Spirit (Who always lines up with the Word of God) sets us all free! The more you meditate on God’s Word and not just what man teaches you, the freer you are. It’s all about knowing God.

Gathering shows support when a ministry has a meeting. What a fun support! God things happen and break out all over the place. We personally like to see God show up and show off. We like the captive to be set free in a corporate setting. In our ministry meetings we share and release God to stir up the giftings to all in our group. It’s not a one-man band with us. We want all to be flowing in the knowledge and power of God’s Holy Spirit. We open those doors in our smaller corporate meetings.

Speaking well of others or us in ministry is a great support and a necessity for body health according to God’s Word. We are aware often of schisms in the body of Christ. We must hold back any support of Satan’s divisive ways and support one another as much as possible.

“They will know we are Christians by our love.”

We will keep you posted when we start having functions — you can check out our Book Us page.

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