Storm Approaching

Given May 5, 2012

Before we share about this prophetic dream, we want to reassure anyone and all, that God always has our best in His heart. He seeks continually our abundant life. At the same time, there is a reaping and sowing that takes place in the world around us. I just simply say this: that if there is anything you need to repent of, do it and get it out of your life! And do it now. That is where the blessings (not just eternal life) flow and where the grace, strength, and peace abide. That is God’s equiping you during His will, no matter what it looks like.

Without walking holy before the Lord, you weaken everything in you and about you. Praise God for true repentance and recompense! God bless you as you read the following warning of what is about to happen in the Northwest. It is possible that this word is for the entire country, but definitely for the Northwest.

The Dream

We were standing (Jonathan & Stephanie) outside, and the sky was a beautiful blue with little white puffy clouds here and there. We heard it announced that bad weather (a horrible storm) was going to come in about half-way in the day, or perhaps mid-afternoon. This was morning, but the dark clouds already started rolling in from the right side of the sky.

We exclaimed to each other that it seemed to be coming sooner than we thought! We were quite troubled.

Interpretation ~~~

We know of two particular types of disasters that are going to hit the Northwest. We also know that other disasters are going to happen in the United States. God has had us focus on the two for the Northwest disasters in particular. We have been interceding.

This vision/dream shows that the foreboding times are about to shadow us. It’s really going to be bad.

Stay in the Word, prayer, and fellowship. Keep yourself pure and cleaned out spiritually. God will send more direct things to us and to many people around. All believers hear from God. Be sensitive to the Lord and don’t be in a hurry all of the time so you can hear Him.

God is merciful and a God of miracles. God always has the bigger picture and it IS ALWAYS SAFE TO TRUST IN THE LORD!!!

Trust in His Sovereignty! Call on His name in times of trouble and YOU WILL BE SAVED!!!! I have many stories where I should have died, but I cried out to the Lord, or just yelled out the name of Jesus and an angel did something instantly and miraculously.

You can always count on God. Know Psalm 91

Blessings be upon you lavishly!