Sequences Of Events To Come

Beloved, Psalm 91 is one of the many strengths God has given us ~ proven through time. We must know that chapter. At least a few of the verses in the middle, but start with verse 1: “He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Vs. 9 & 10: “Because you have made the Lord, my refuge, the most High, your habitation; there shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling.” Those are good starters.

Cleave to the God of Hope. Be joyful in Who He Is. You either believe God is Who He says He is (Hebrews 11:6) or you don’t. Naturally, one is disturbed when hearing warnings. Take it to the Lord in your prayer closet, then if you are worrying or are dealing with the bad report with fear, then you do not believe. Believing is always a matter of the heart. It isn’t something you “know” in your head. Believing is relying on, clinging to, and trusting in. This is the Greek word as translated when used in the Bible in most places in the New Testament. It isn’t something someone taught me, it is something I looked up for myself.

Below are sequences shown me so that I might have some sort of time-table of events. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t detailed enough, but I’m more than thrilled to have even received this much! Back in the day of the 80’s and 90’s while I was being trained of God into the position of prophet, my words would come about within 2-3 days. Then it became 2-3 weeks. When it became months, it took a lot of faith to stand on what God showed me. Now it is years. This is the way our merciful God is. He gives us time in warnings. Now that is something to rejoice in!

Pray carefully over what you are about to read. Bottom line always, is that God is all about souls. The more He saves the better. We must be about His business likewise. Judgments are a part of God’s mercies to turn men unto Him. Keep this always strongly in your heart. God is good. God is faithful. God really cares and has you in His hand.

Blessings to you and yours,

Jonathan & Stephanie Krenning

(with the dates when they were given)

What is important to note about these sequences is that they came in the same night or in the same dream or vision.

1. 2005, June: First sequence was given:

1) Some sort of disaster will happen south of Seattle in the state of Washington that will kill many.

2) Then either that same day, week, month, or year (and will tell you when I find out) a devastating earthquake will happen with the epicenter up north or east-northeast of the San Juans. This too will kill many. It will probably be a 7.8 subduction zone earthquake causing tsunami waves. The third wave is the deadliest of the first three. I have been given 7.8 in several dreams or visions. This could seemingly be as bad as the Alaskan earthquake for several reasons.

A note here ~~~ that some big breakthrough is going to happen to my husband and me before the earthquake/tsunami. I’ll tell you when that happens. This is a sure thing.

2. 2006, April: 2 events seen in same vision:

1 & 2) I saw on a computer monitor in one of the visions that approximately 2/3 across the border of British Columbia from the Pacific Ocean and bordering Washington State, something happens (perhaps earthquake), and then the earthquake just north of the San Juans is set off.

3. 2013, November: (That confirms what was given in 2005)

* Jesus came to me in a vision and revealed these two storms are on the horizon and coming close. It was this vision that I saw both of the storms nearly side by side. This vision confirmed the sequence of years before. The fact that the storms were nearly side by side, makes me think that it won’t be a year apart. Jesus had a group of us tether off boundaries along the coast where He showed His sovereignty. There will be much of the coast vanishing. He is still Lord and in control !!

More about the two storms (disasters) that will hit the Northwest (Washington State coast line and further north and possible parts of Oregon). . . The first storm is south of Seattle — Not sure of the location but could very possibly be Mt. Rainier. I’ve had dreams about two mountains, but can’t say for sure that they are that particular first storm. Mt. Rainier is in another vision (below). Buy dust masks (N95) that are best for keeping volcanic ash out. Volcanic ash is very dangerous and causes death.

4. 2011, September: Three events given in vision while awake

1) I was way out in outer-space (past the sun even!) and saw the earth. I saw a black zigzag from top to bottom (on the earth) as though a great divide was to take place. The zigzag was like a zipper that was like a rip in the earth. I knew the earth was divided somewhere, and it was about 2/3 over to the right. I’m wondering if this is the New Madrid fault.

There is going to be a big divide that has that zig-zag look. So, it isn’t going to be in a straight line. Since this vision, I’ve researched and found that there are several Power plants with stairs going up the sides. Power plants exist up and down the Mississippi River. These stairs look like a black zig-zag that are on the sides of the Power plants.

2)Then there is some war from the west to the east. Looking at a globe, it was from across the Pacific west. I don’t know from where. I’ve heard that that far west is actually called the East. But in the vision, it was from my left (looking at the United States) from across the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Middle East. So, I will just say the west for now. West Pacific.

What I saw was a tiny itsy-bitsy fighter jet come from the West heading East. I had to squint to see it, for I was so far away. Then a squadron of fighters followed that plane in formation.

3) Lastly, to my right, the sun started to come into my view. It was like a 1st grader drawing. (The sun looked like the Jimmy Dean commercials with the guy dressed up in a sun suit.) I saw three solar flares that were huge, but not all at once, but were fairly close to each other. Then the whole sun came into view and I saw other large solar flares. The solar flares were exaggerated.

Solar flares are going to be a serious threat. A string of them. Not just one or two. But some division between some. I believe that black-outs will be a result of some of these flares.

5. 2013, May: was given another sequence

1) February something happens to the President. He either gets a new heart (back to the convictions of his younger days) or is exchanged or something. I have heard since the vision (but it was that February when it was given). A man heard from the Lord to run for president, and it was manifested in February of 2015. In the vision, someone was replacing the president of a much younger age. This could represent a young heart, or literally a man of younger age. I didn’t hear if it was permanent or temporary. It was extremely “hush-hush” and frantically hasty. I was trying to tell the young man so he wouldn’t be so surprized. I believe the young man heard the call and obeyed this past February of 2015. Fulfilled

2)April 2015, (given as 4:15) somewhere (I believe it is in the United States) there will be some sort of EMP. Most likely Solar. This goes with the vision God gave me in #2. Storing up on batteries was a prime thought in this dream/vision. If I’m interpreting the 2:15 and 4:15 wrongly, forgive. Actually, as a fulfillment of this vision, Washington D.C. lost it’s power this April, 2015 (4:15). I am hearing from the Lord that this is but a beginning and tiny precursors of what will be. I know I have to be faithful to put this out into the public. I’ve been hiding for so many years, but I either hear from the Lord, and His Word is always true. So, I’m sharing all of these things in faith and joy! : )

6. 2012:

1) A group of us were standing in a town called “Midway” on Pacific Highway. This is about half way between Seattle and Tacoma. We were looking at Mount Rainier. All of a sudden, a gigantic piece of the mountain (actually an extension) of snow and ice in the shape of a square jutted out the right side. This was nearly half the height of the mountain but right out the middle. We were so amazed! Then it melted, and it melted quickly! Then the rest of the mountain melted.

This vision goes along with another (separate) vision (from another time) I had that was quite terrifying. I saw rivers of lahars (melted snow and ice) streaming through cities toward Lake Washington through some of the lowlands to get there.

2) The sequence after we saw Mt. Rainier melt down was that I then looked to the left (seemingly Seattle) and observed a building that doesn’t exist here, but resembled a dome and was quite tall. Inside of this building were the very rich, famous, and top political people. It fell to the east and killed and injured many. The building is quite metaphorical.

7. 2014, September:

Not a sequence, but a timing possibility that came exactly 4 weeks apart to the day from each other. A week later was given the experience of being in a severe earthquake that was vehemently violent.

 White Christmas was a “key” to the timing of a disaster to hit the Northwest. This could be about a six week interval.

 The trees were bare and waves came from the west coast of Washington. The good and great news here is that young people, many young men, were doing great exploits (signs, wonders, miracles) in the name of the Lord also during this time.

I’ve had endless dreams and vision on details concerning this tribulation about to hit the Northwest. It is irrefutable in my spirit, so this is why I have compiled these sequences together. I’ve had many dreams/visions concerning other parts of America and some across the seas that have all happened. This has been going on since the mid 1990’s. Yet most of those (99%) were just one dream, or one vision. Concerning the events about to hit the Northwest, I’ve received well over 20 dreams/visions.

What to do with all of this? Pray for salvation now for all in the area. Pray for repentance amongst Christians and non-Christians now. Pray for mercies and miracles. If you look at other articles we’ve posted, you will understand God’s heart to save the greater number of people. Disasters are a form of mercy in judgment so that men would get back on track with Him and live with Him forever. We need to do our part and repent of any sin and walk righteously with God so we can be assured of being in His will and getting the most protection according to His promises. Get Psalm 91 into your spirit.

Remember, God changes not. He says in the Old and New Testament that we need to repent, turn from our wicked ways, and humble ourselves. Let us say this again, God changes not. If the believers were told to repent in the Old and New Testament, we are still to repent. You can’t throw portions you don’t like out. There is no new reformation out there to change the truth of God. God is just, and is full of enduring love greater than our capacity to understand. He is great and He is good. Trust Him, and be sure to call on His Name!!! He will save.

“Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward you, goodness.” Rom. 11:22

Jonathan & Stephanie Krenning