School Bus, Children, Waves, And Mt. Rainier


I dreamed that I was walking along an area above the ocean, like perhaps a boardwalk. The tide was out, and the waves were doing what they always do, coming in and going out. From my right came a school bus filled with children. At first, the bus was driving along the sand heading to the left of me. Its purpose was to get the kids to school.

This bus started getting into the water. Then a second bus came along from same place and now it was driving out into the ocean. The tide had come in quickly, unannounced. The bus immediately headed out toward deeper water, and the waves now were choppy with gulfs inbetween as in a stormy sea.

Then, a third bus followed the others! I could see the children inside wondering what was going on. They did not scream, but sat in wonderment while the waves hit the buses all around.

The second bus now went under and I lost total visual on it. The ocean how now become several feet deep. I wondered how anyone could survive, let alone, how those buses could move through the water!!

Then, amazingly, the second bus came back up to the surface! The second and third bus were now submerged a few inches up to the windows where the children were sitting.

Out of nowhere, and pretty disturbingly, the first bus now came from the left with all of the children it started out with! It was supposed to have gone to the school and dropped them off.

It was driving right through the deep ocean. I could see some of the children with hands on the window and their faces up to the glass. Their mouths were open in awe.

The buses acted like they were aimlessly driving around in the ocean. Never once did the driver look panicked. They kept focused and acted quite normally.


Whenever I pray about this, I hear only blessings and protection for our children. The waters are the waters of the Lord. The bus drivers are angels. I believe a great outpouring is coming to the children of God’s Holy Spirit of signs, miracles, and wonders. Also, great and often diving protection.

There are people praying over the children throughout America. Here comes the answer to your prayer! This had been the intention of God’s heart from the very beginning to bless the children.

Interestingly enough, I could not find this dream in my journal. Now that’s a first! I will have to do some research, because I know very shortly after this dream, something happened somewhere concerning children on a bus. I knew at the time God had shown me something about them.


Last week of January, 26-28th (2016) I dreamed about Mount Rainier. There had been a lot of rain hit Seattle for many days in a row, and flooding was an issue many places. After I had seen that my house was prepared and in good condition because of a recent French Drain dug along the outside of my house (not filled in yet), I went outside. Others were outside. I was surrounded by other believers.

I looked to the south where Mt. Rainier was sitting so gorgeously far into the horizon. I saw billows of smoke heading east-south-east. I knew Mount Rainier had started her destruction that I had dreamed about so many times before. I knew this in my dream.

Suddenly, the top of Mt. Rainier (like ¼ section, the very top) spewed off and came down the north flank of the Mountain. We were all stunned by this horrific, yet awesome sight. Then, not too long afterward, the middle section of Mount Rainier spewed a very long flare directly west, that spanned for miles. It was lahar material. And then, as though a chain saw had completed cutting the mountain through, that mid-section went hurling toward the west, annihilating everything east of it for miles. It was sad, terrifying, and dumb-founding.


Having checked the last paragraph above, I had accidently written east instead of west. I have now corrected it, and will share the little that I believe I understand.

The flare that headed west for a great length simply means ‘far reaching’. Whatever the damage that heads west will be lengthy. This dream is different in interpretation (I believe God is saying) than the dream posted August 29, 2011 (Mt. Rainier. . . ). By God’s lavish mercies, He has extended the time before His judgment concerning the Northwest. That is why these prophecies are posted, because those in the tower watching are to warn people and believe that God may relent through our prayers and repentance. Wow, God is so good to us!

Interestingly, I hadn’t realized I wrote practically the same thing below in next paragraph.

“This is not doom and gloom thing to share what God gives ever. This is being a watch-tower alerting prayer warriors to pray for God’s mercies and miracles, and any avoidance He would grant!!! Pray for total salvation for all area affected by this. Amen! : ))”

Keeping the 2011 prophetic dream in mind, I can see the timing of this all. It is very interesting that political agendas as we’ve known it is about to become undone and topple over. Of course, that depends if Trump becomes president. We will see.

One last note about Mt. Rainier. Mountains are often symbolic of kingdoms. We have much to pray about and see clearly.

Blessings to all.