Relax And Get Out Of The Way!


Several weeks ago, I heard from the Lord that He is about to do some pretty amazing things that will keep our ears buzzing until our end of days! But what I heard about this is a strong directive of the Lord to, “Relax and get out of the way!”

So, this article will be very short! Heh!

How do our natural minds perceive all that our Supernatural God does? We do not have it all figured out. We are still learning, and will so until we are taken home. (Not that we don’t learn then, but that is different.)

Do we still test the spirits like I John 4 speaks about? Absolutely yes!!! But we need to be in constant prayer, with our thanksgiving, and give God a chance to be God. God is always balanced. But God’s thoughts and ways aren’t the same as ours. Let Him in.

Yup, this is good advice for everyday stuff as well, but soon and very soon, some waves of God are going to come to shore, and the flow may not stop for a very very long time. Watch God. Is what you see bearing good fruit? See Galatians 5 and James 3. God does not do something that isn’t already written (precept or literally speaking) in his Word. Know His heart and His Word and be blessed!!

Dearly beloved, drink big from God. Let Him bless you and those around you. He is eager to show His love for you, for He will never quit loving you.

In Him ever, Jonathan & Stephanie