Prophetic Triggers

July 14, 2011

I believe we had a strong prophetic trigger during those dust storms of Arizona over a week ago. I sat in front of the TV a day after the dust storm hit in absolute awe. My mouth hung gaping open; for right there, before my very eyes, were the same billowy clouds, in the same columns I had described in my prophetic dream dated, March 31, 2011. I had seen 4-5 columns of snarly, internally fierce – swirling dust coming up from the south.

You can see the prophecy (entitled, ‘It’s coming sooner than we thought’). The picture I had been staring at for the background of the news telecast was my dream, right there! But it wasn’t the fulfillment of my dream; just a prophetic trigger. That is why God had me see that very picture exactly.

The picture posted is the closest one I could find on-line at this time; while figuring out my phone picture situation. : )

There are several pictures of the dust storm. With the TV on pause, I took a picture of the columns of dust with my phone. I need to get that picture onto the computer . . . somehow. . .

I see a commercial or news blurb about twice a month, in passing. How interesting. . .

Aahh! Below is the picture from the TV. Thanks Becca!

Anyway, all of this to say, that I believe that the picture I took of that horrible event in Arizona was a prophetic trigger concerning our great Northwest.

This is not a fun thing to write about. Our disasters will not be so tolerant of human life, but by the grace of God. Let us stress right here, that all those who call on the name of the Lord, will be saved.

I have many of my own personal testimonies how I had no time to pray in a moment of death, and yelled out the name of Jesus, and was miraculously delivered in that instant. God is true to His Word. He is surely a strong tower, and all that run into His tower are safe. That is an amen!

What is a prophetic trigger? It is something (like a symbol of that prophetic pic) that happens just as God gave you in a prophecy that signifies symbolically that your prophecy is close at hand.

Just to clarify that we are not saying we are going to have a dust storm. The dust storm in my dream was a symbol of destruction, and the picture and event in Arizona was a prophetic trigger of that symbol.

With that all said, I have had a dream about Mt. St. Helens, and a dream about Mt. Rainier (and some heads of state and country) that I cannot divulge yet, for I am listening to Holy Spirit for the whole revelation on these prophetic dreams. I want to say here, that just because you dream of a mountain blowing up, sliding down, or whatever, does not mean it is literal. Often it signifies something major in your life is about to be effected. Only Holy Spirit can give you the revelation, not your mind. God is sooo good! He has just as much fun revealing His secrets to you as you want them revealed to you. It can take weeks though, remember.

Through all of this, we must pray for God’s intervention, mercies, and miracles. Repentance is the Lord’s heart, as well as whatever it takes to get more souls into heaven than hell. GOD IS THE SOUL LOVER! And we are to be like Him! : )

We will keep you posted as God reveals more and more and more!

God bless you all in His glorious Glory!!! J & S