Prophetic Notes From My Journal

1st Two Weeks Of January 2012

January 1st (Sunday) I saw in my dream a man sitting on a swing hanging down from heaven. The swing was held by two long ropes (one on each side) that he held onto, and the seat was a plank of wood. There was a body of water and land. The angel was in the Northwest corner of this span of water. He yelled out at least three times, “One! Nine!” “One! Nine!” “One! Nine!”

There were other prophetic people as well as other believers around, and I tried to tell them what I saw. It was urgent. There was a strong sense of urgency. There were homes facing the west side of the body of water to my right and I was trying to tell them what I had observed..

UPDATE: As many may have heard, the state of Washington (the most northwestern state in the U.S.) was called into a state of emergency because of the natural disasters of snow and ice that toppled trees, in some places as though a tornado had run through. Over 200,000 people were without power.

The wide spread disaster was quite significant and closed us all down for a couple of days. This happened the 3rd week of January. The 1st month ~ The “ONE” the angel cried out. With no doubt, we need to look to September, the NINE th month and start praying now.

January 6th I dreamed about a lot of snow coming. Normally this means for our local area. Now it would be something if the Northwest got a lot of snow! We usually don’t. Maybe it will be spread through days, or this month and next. But I know for sure it is coming and not a little. For me to dream about snow, this has been an occurrence for years; and within about two weeks, we get snow ~ sometimes the next day. I’m a snow lover, so I say Lord, bring it on! ; )

UPDATE: The weekend of January 14th started to bring the snow. Even then the forecasters said the snow would not be a big event. I turned to my husband and said, “Oh yes it is!” It’s fun hearing the Lord and knowing Him. . .

The results of the snow were several inches and feet in some places around here. If you know the state of Washington, you know that is a rarity.

January 11th, while awake, but not having opened my eyes up yet (and the time was 1:11pm), I saw the heavens, way way up there, and it was quite black. Then there were 10’s of thousands of stars, or coins. They reflected light and it seemed as a twinkle would be on many of them. The sky was filled with star/coins, so closely together. Then, what seemed to be a view from the super bowl (not really that, but reminds me of those overhead shots, and you can imagine the football field looking small from so far away), the money started pouring down to the earth through a funnel.

Instead of heavily dotting the heavens with the coins, the entier sky or space I saw became solid with layers upon layers, without number; coins funneling down from all around and just cascading down – twinkling as they poured. The entire picture was solid coins with a circle funnel opening at the bottom, and tumbling down went the coins. Every square inch of coins was moving, not just trickling down.

UPDATE 2/17/12. What an interesting story the following site shared!! Read this!

As soon as I heard ~ then read for myself ~ that money fell from the ceiling (gold coins yet!) I knew it was a prophetic trigger concerning the vision God had given me above. How fun is that!?


How fun is this! Look at the picture below. The point of putting this picture in is because I heard the Lord say that this is but the beginning. It may be tricking in for many (the coin vision of God’s wealth pouring down). Make sure you are titheing and giving your offerings with faith and a cheerful heart! Expect God to shower His loving kindnesses on you! He loves to!

Have you been standing on God’s Word and His promises? Grab your faith and don’t let go! Soon you will reap your reward.

“The Lord make you a thousand times so many more as you are, and bless you as He has promised you.” Deuteronomy 1:11