Prophetic Note. . .

February 21, 2015

A few months ago, I submitted a sequence of events to happen. The events are right, but interpretation can be sometimes foggy to me. Apparently, I’m not the only one who has struggled with this through the centuries. I appreciate the humble prophets who know the difference between “Thus saith the Lord” and “impressions”.

With the fear of the Lord, I am careful to say what is “thus saith the Lord” and when not to. How I wish I was perfect, but until that time I’m with Jesus in Glory, I need to learn how to process and hear Him clearly and succinctly.

I’m still not clear about how to interpret numbers. I got 2:15 and 4:15 all in the same night of which I shared in that sequence of events. Let me address the first set of numbers, 2:15. I still think it represents February 2015. I also think that about the 4:15 time frame — that it still represents April 2015. Only time will bear this out for sure.

What I saw in the 2:15 dream is that some young man (30’s?) with dark hair was called to step into the president’s place. I’m not saying at all that he is going to be president. Please understand that! I’m telling what I saw in the dream.

I thought (not saith the Lord) that it would have to mean that something happened to Obama or that he had a change of heart, perhaps going to a conviction of when he was younger. It also could have meant that something physically might happen (because he was replaced in the dream).

I know, I know,it sounds like I’m fishing. I’m not. However, I’ve been in prayer over this for some time, and felt I heard something this morning. I’m still not saying “thus saith…” but it seemed strong to me. It “fits” more in my spirit than what I’ve gotten so far. We have to test things, so I am.

I believe that someone of my description has heard from the Lord the month of February that he is to run for president, for whatever reason. If this is the case, then God will give him a platform from which to speak what God wants heard. The secret service men who rushed upon the building to get this guy I believe are messengers to bring forth that call for this man. It was such a secret!!

I will be watching the news these next six months to see who all comes forth for the candidacy. But what doesn’t make sense to me, if this is the case, why would God tell me? When I lean on my own understanding, I just get into trouble. So, I’ll leave it.

Well now, now that I’ve said all of that, I’ll keep open to what God is saying. I get a flood of prophetic dreams. The natural disaster ones for the past 25 years have all happened. Yup, every one of them as God had shown me. So, I’m trying to step out and test it all, since I get so many other types of prophetic dreams. Most of those happen as well. Many of the dreams are simply making me aware of things so I can pray over them, therefore averting many situations that could have been bad. I’m a firm believer of intercession and standing in the gap in my prayer closet!! I’ve seen God avert dozens of things because of prayer.

So, continue to prayerfully read what God is showing my husband or me. This April proves to be quite interesting and with all of the “grid” headlines and news the past week this March (near the end of March) it makes me think I interpreted correctly what is to happen in April. If I interpreted it right!!!!

Blessings and peace to you!