Praying Effectively

May 2, 2016

When we pray in warfare, we do the following (that God has taught us personally and from anointed teachers over the decades) for success and protection: Amen!! All in the name of Jesus!!!!

1) Firstly, we plead the blood of Jesus over us according to Revelation 12:11, that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

2) We make sure that we’ve forgiven anyone and everyone (even ourselves) for any offenses or sins

3) We make sure we’ve repented of any of our own sins

4) If there is not unity in our marriage, then we are subject to the enemy’s attacks. We make sure all doors are closed to the enemy. This also goes with anyone we are praying with in our prayer group. If there is a hidden offense (feeling bad about something someone said or did), then we open the door for the enemy to attack. We make sure we are in unity and one-accord (agreement).

5) We pray the prayers of faith. No reason to pray if we don’t really believe that God is answering it.

6) We pray with thanksgiving!!! We thank HIM for answered prayer, and thank HIM while praying or ending in a prayer, to show HIM we believe He will do just as HE said HE would!!! We’re here to bless God also.

7) We quote the Word of God as our sword while praying. (11 has a couple of examples.)

8) We bind the enemy and our flesh (our carnal nature of understanding or any agenda’s) from getting in the way or hindering our prayers.

9) WE loosen our beings to receive and give of God freely! We pray for Open Heavens!!

10) We listen carefully to what the other is praying and agree with them in prayer. The power is in agreement as well as the effectual (powerful) fervent prayer. You know if someone was really “in” to what you were praying. If they were not, they say the same prayer again sometime during the prayer meeting. It can be frustrating. BUT!!! Sometimes, they’ve grabbed ahold of what was said, and pray it again in their own words, and it is powerful.

11) “No weapon against us shall prosper” and “no evil shall befall us”! (Isaiah 54:17 and Psalm 91…) When we are all finished praying (and sometimes before that if we are led to do so) we bind the enemy powerless from all retaliation!! Retaliation means to do vengeance or get back at someone.


We do not pray against ruling spirits or principalities that are not amongst ourselves, unless there is a very large group, and fasting and prayer has been added to it. But we don’t handle demons of cities or areas that are large like that, because God has only given us the realm about us (and those who have given permission for us to pray with, no matter where they live).

If you are praying over heavenly darkness rather than sticking to the darkness here on the earth, then the enemy has full right to retaliation, and bad things happen. There is a whole anointed book on this subject. John Paul Jackson wrote: “Needless Casualties of War”. Read it. There will be no question in your mind about any of this when you finish reading it. God shows up strongly during the studying and teaching of this for John Paul Jackson. It’s a great read, and many people have been healed and loved ones come back, and much much more, from this read.