Mount Rainier And A Capitol Building

August 29, 2011

July 7th & August 7th, 2011 dreams.

(First dream July) ~ A group of us believers had just finished conquering tigers that were out to kill us for a long season, and that season had followed the wolves and the bears’ season! We were elated it was over! We were free! At last!

There was a sad aspect of that venture. A few Christians who we had redeemed solid in the faith had died. I had questioned God about this, and He said that He knew the hearts of man, we didn’t. What appeared sincere and solid from the outside was not always the case in reality. We took what He said seriously.

Next we were standing on ground (near the highway) in a place called “Midway”, with Mount Rainier to our south, and Seattle to our north. We were all talking when I looked at Mount Rainier and saw it get very wide. It was as if the top just opened and spread! The whole base got wider also. I got the group’s attention to look at it and asked them if they had ever seen the mountain look like that before.

Then all of a sudden, there was a great extension of the mountain coming out of its west side. It was mammoth and close to square shape coming out the middle on its right as I was looking south. It was probably about 6000 square ft., and the mountain is 14,000 ft. tall.

What happened next was horrifying. The extension started to melt (drip) and then the whole mountain dripped and melted down to the ground.

While we were literally stunned, unable to move, then I robotically turned to the north to look at Seattle. I saw our Capitol building, but it was more like just a tall building, no horizontal building underneath. Just straight up, but wider at the base and tapered up. It also was huge. It also was white.

This was a place the VIP’s gathered, and President Obama and George W. Bush were there, amongst many many other wealthy and famous people. It did hold our political people of Washington State.

Much to my utter horror, it started to topple toward the east and as it fell, it broke apart and fell completely to the ground. I got the group I was with to turn around and see it in time for them to witness this colossal disaster.

We needed to run there and help those people; if anyone had survived! I was miraculously transported there in an instant. So, were my friends. I was then put in the room that had been in the middle of the building, and God took me back into time to see what happened to the people inside while the building collapsed. I saw people fly across the room in mid-air, unable to control their destiny. Then I was brought back to the present.

I was very concerned about George Bush and wanted to go find him. I was not able to, but had a feeling he too was all right. We started to help people to the outside and get help. I woke up.

Interpretation ~~~

Actually, we are still praying on this, but so far, we see the mountain as our kingdom, or what represents our state. We don’t believe that Mt. Rainier is going to melt into the ground. Then there was the mountain extension. This represents that the fall of our state has been extended and this extension time is running out. Judgment is coming on our state.

Could part of the disaster that God has shown me for so long have to do with Mt. Rainier? Of course! Very likely. But dreams are rarely literal. They do have double meanings lots of times. This could be one of those times. But this would be part of the first disaster; before the earthquake that would bring the tectonic plate drop. But again, this may just be the whole mess that is coming. I have had dreams showing something was going to happen to one or both of the mountains – Mt. St. Helens, as well as Mt. Rainier.

The Capitol building represented the state’s power. It is true that in Seattle (King County) is where most of the votes (plus one other county) pull our state because of the population strength. There are around 39 counties in Washington. All but two vote conservatively (normally). The building did fall toward the east.

I think the bottom line is that Washington is going to be severely purged by the Lord. The heavens will rend and our earth (in WA state) will follow. Obama’s actions are tied into our filth of decisions and actions.

As we’ve shared before, some disaster is happening South of Seattle to the Oregon border (it could be anywhere, but we’re thinking it has to do with a mountain or two). Then the tectonic earthquake in northern Washington centered north of the San Juan’s area would be next. That was the first sight of this God had given me June 28, 2006.

We should not be surprised that our west-bank is set for judgment. We still are not seeing Christians repent and cleave to a life of Holiness – cleaving to Christ our Lord. We are seeing and hearing about revivals taking place (mostly along the coast lands) and this is great news. God is a God of mercy as well as judgment. More mercies Lord! More mercies!

August 7th, ‘11 (dream)

Joni Lamb of Daystar and I were standing on top of a building (roof patio area) while she was trying to reach her people on Lopez Island and northern part of Washington (Seattle up northward) to earthquake-proof all of their buildings. She was holding her phone up in the air pointing it in each direction to get the best reception. I was showing her how.

Then she and I were in a kitchen discussing the whole earthquake disaster about to come to the state of Washington. I started to tell her that it was going to be a 7.8 (or bigger) and other details of the earthquake when she reminded me I had told her over lunch a few days earlier. I had reinstated that if this is what I had heard from the Lord, she could “take it to the bank” and know for sure it was going to happen.

I went to the back room of the house which faced west (toward the ocean and Puget Sound). I climbed up onto the back of the soft rounded couch with my elbows propped up while I gazed at the beach and water barely lapping. I saw a nice sized, long dark log in the shallow part of the beach. The beach was rocky and sandy.

All of a sudden, the log started to move to the left! Then another log! I strained over the couch to see out the window to my left and found a family and their small pick-up truck hauling this wood in. They were going to dry the wood out and burn it when they had no electricity during the disaster.

Interp ~~~

There is a lot to take in. The beauty of this is that ‘Daystar’ represents the darkest hour is going to leave and the day will dawn. Jesus Christ is our Daystar, our hope for the morning to come ~ those promises of His protection and giftings we are waiting on.

Even though it will be a very dark hour for us in the Northwest, the morning of hope will be there for us. We need to hold fast onto our hope in Christ Jesus and stand on His Word through it all. Remember, “call upon the Lord and you will be saved.”

We’re just trying to get the news out about what God is showing us in any way that we can. We’ve been sitting on many revelations about the ensuing earthquake for the Northwest for six years. We believe the time is fast approaching, so we are sharing what we can at this point. Besides, after a long period of timing of not hearing anything about this from the Lord, it is flooding in all summer. In fact, God gave me a vision August 20th as well that I will be putting in very soon.

I was remembering a verse in Proverbs how ants prepare in summer for the rest of the year. This is what the family with the truck was doing; preparing.

God may be showing all of you other things about the dreams. Feel free to share them with us. We hear more things as well, but are earnestly keeping our ears close to God’s heart. He is our Father. : )

God bless you all. Do remember that God is not the author of fear (anxiety, worrisome, and fear of things & men) but we are to fear (tremble, revere, & be in awe of) Him. Let us step up to Holiness yet more and more.