March 21, 2013

Mandates. God has been speaking to me about mandates from the beginning of the year. He has confirmed this many times and I’m glad. Why mandates? Commands, dictates, orders, instructions; all of these things are mandates or what a mandate consists of. Mandates are serious business. As far as I’m concerned, the entire Word of God (the Bible) is a mandate for our success and eternal life. I’ve never taken what God says as a suggestion. Praise God for the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom. It’s in obedience that knowledge and revelation comes forth. So, doing His Word is our avenue of wisdom and fulness.

I bring mandates up here in prophecy for a very good reason. God has shown me that this is a direct year of mandates upon His people. I hear a seriousness behind God’s words more than I have ever before and am finding Christians everywhere getting “mandates” from God. This speaks to me of timing and a “hurry up” sense kind of order or command from God. His heavenlies are stirring a great whirl of activity — for the end days are speeding by and events are about to take place that we just have to be prepared for so that we might stay in victory.

Ask God what His mandate is for you. He may give you more than one. Then act on it with all diligence and fervency. It is always for your blessing and His glory! Let’s do it!


While in worship a couple of Sunday’s ago, I had a vision of cumulous clouds forming in the East of America. Many of these clouds were turning dark as a storm does when it is brewing and churning. I was seeing this as a “fast-forward” scene, but not overly so. Yet, it was forming quickly. I opened my eyes and closed them again. I saw the vision all over again, but this time the dome at the top of Washington D.C.’s capital rose up behind this in the middle of the clouds. This isn’t good news and we encourage you to pray for righteousness to spring forth from our government and repent of their sins.