Lahars In Washington Through Renton

Given July 20-22nd, 2012

The Dream

From the south lahars were flowing and making their way to Renton. I saw more than one stream of them and one was flowing down a river. I was running around trying to warn as many people as possible to make their lives right with Christ and make Him Lord of their lives. Many lives were being lost, and Jesus has to be Lord in order to make it to heaven.

There was only one person I knew in the dream. His name is Preston. I was calling out his name trying to warn him to get his life right with Christ. I couldn’t find him, but asked God to take care of him. He logs and works with felling trees. His life is being called into accountability right now from the Lord.

I ended up in Renton scrambling around to save people physically and eternally. There was terror everywhere, and the lahar was not merciful. Houses and property was being greatly damaged and swept away.

Someone came alongside of me to help and we became a team. At the last, we were crawling up on the top of the bridge (over-head) on wide tiles on our stomachs to get across. There were many people looking up at us who thought getting on the bridge was safe. It wasn’t. The lahar would soon corrode it and it would tumble in. We also knew the lahar was rising quickly.

Interpretation ~~~

Here is a picture of lahar flows. You may have to magnify your page to see it in greater detail.

For one, it doesn’t make sense for two rivers near Renton.
(1.) Cedar River goes through Renton
(2.) Green Rivers goes to the west of Renton and turns into the Duwamish, then empties into Puget Sound.

Mt. Rainier would simply have to melt (in my thinking) to affect those two rivers. Because neither river is connected to Mt. Rainier, the flow would have to go 10-20 miles further (north) to reach those rivers.

However, the map shows all of the west sides of Auburn, Kent, and Renton as, “Flooding and post-lahar sedimentation zones.”

When God gives me something, He doesn’t ask me to analyze Him, but He does like when someone seeks (Proverbs) Him out. I’ve spent a lot of time praying whether or not this dream is metaphorical or literal.

After many many years, I’ve learned that dreams & visions can be a mix of both. All the dreams God has given to me where I am warning people, it has been literal to the extent that something is going to happen, and people need to get their lives right with God. That’s the easy part!

God has also shown me that the man named Preston is literal. It isn’t coincidence he deals with trees in forests etc. I believe that a lot of trees are going to come down.

As far as Renton goes, God is dealing with people there to turn their lives around. Could a lahar get there? Yes. Not just because of what the map reveals, but Renton is a valley that is connected to Kent, which is connected to Auburn and so forth. In this paper/report, it is revealed again the lahar sediment in those valleys just mentioned.

The above cite mentioned that the two rivers (Green and Black) used to be connected to White River. It also talks a little about the Cedar River.

We know that there are prophetic visions and such that the Lord has given people that are years out. Perhaps some of these words are connected to the tribulation or wrath times of the Lord He has foretold us about. We are hoping for this to be so. Except, I was in this dream directly.

We are also aware that some dreams are simply our spirits’ interceding in the night. These reasons are why we take time to pray over these dream/visions that God gives us before posting. It is a serious responsibility.

Is the dream true? Yes. Will we always interpret them correctly? Most of the time, but can’t say we are always certain. We give what we can, the best way we can. We are not the only Christians on this planet, so we open this particular dream open for you to email us and share whatever it is God is telling you about this.

We would never attempt to say we are hearing God without specifically and directly asking Him for ears to hear His truth, and nothing but His truth. 🙂 Then in a prayerful attitude, listen to what He says. We are asking the same from you.

Please remember that the most important thing is to be ready spiritually and physically. Pray, pray, pray. Pray for God’s mercies and miracles. Pray we hear more clearly and our understanding is “right on” and all glorifying to God.

By the way, we are not the only one’s who have seen lahars in dreams and visions. So, let us hear from you!

In Him,

Jonathan & Stephanie