Knowing The Will Of God

Feb 17, 2014

Knowing the will of God is a big subject. But let’s get it to a safe foundation and build on it. There are always the big “threes” I learned once from Bob Mumford decades ago. These big “threes” have kept me and protected me most of my life. I will share them, and then we will build and cultivate them.

1. The Word of God. Whatever you do or want to do needs to be in alignment with the Word of God. James 3:13-18 is a key verse to discern your motives (that always need to be pure and not self-driven) when reading the Word of God.

2. Peace. That is such a key and in just one word. But we need to figure out how to get this peace and know it is the peace Jesus speaks about in John 14:27 & Philippians 4:7. Jesus speaks of the peace that passes all understanding.

3. Circumstances. This is a tricky one! You can’t make the circumstances happen (speaking of manipulation) and say it is of God. The devil is constantly roaming around seeking whom he may deceive. He can make lots of circumstances happen! That’s his job >> deception. But the good news is …….. that if God really wants something to happen for you and you are in His will, it will happen. And you don’t have to strive to make it so.

The Word of God: Anyone can find a verse from the Bible to say what they want to hear. That isn’t moving with a pure heart, which is the only way to hear God and stay in His will. Pride motivates, fear motivates, greed motivates, peer pressure motivates. That is just some of the motivations that steer us away from being in God’s will. Look at King Saul. Was he anointed and chosen of God? Yes! When God gave him instructions to go up against the enemy, Saul bent the rules because he didn’t want to look bad in front of the people with him who had their own opinions as to what needed to be done. Saul gave in and lost his anointed destiny.

If you want to succeed and be on track, you simply have to follow God’s Word 100%. There is no catching a plan 99.99%. You either catch it or you don’t. It is the same for God’s will for you.

Peace: This can be a toughie. When you are in prayer, you have to die to your own understanding, your own desires, and the voices coming from other places. Quiet your mind. Bind the enemy from influencing the direction you are seeking. I even “bind my own voices” from influencing what I need to hear.

I was asked to take on a position that would require my time and energy to a high level, of which I “knew” I wasn’t supposed to get involved in some years ago. When I commit to something, I’m in 100%. But I was pressed by a godly person to fill the position and I told this person I would take the matter to prayer.

Within the hour, I was on my knees seeking God (in my heart, I was allowing Him to show me and change my heart and mind what I already knew was a “not do” situation) if I should get involved in the position requested of me. I bound satan; I bound myself, and loosened my ears and heart to receive from God. That meant, I totally had to give up all of my strong (or otherwise) feelings. I had to give up everything I thought made sense, or didn’t make sense. I had to die to myself entirely just to clear the path of any clutter that obstructed knowing God’s will and purpose for me. Believe me, everything inside of me was pulling not to fulfill the request.

The cause was righteous, and lined up with the Word of God. The circumstances were not an issue, for I knew in this particular situation, that if God was calling me to fill the position, He would work out the circumstances. So, I prayed with my understanding and prayed in tongues (in the spirit). I had to tell God I was willing to do this thing if He wanted me to.

When I confessed that out loud, something broke in me and a peace flooded me. I KNEW I was to fill the position. Believe me, no one was more surprized than I. I went back to God a couple of more times just to make sure before I got up and made the phone call of acceptance. I knew that I knew that I knew. That’s hearing and knowing the plan of God. The outcome of this position was that God elevated me and gave me such favor, that I was the leader in the whole state in it. Wow God…………

Last word (for the moment) I want to say about peace is that when you get a “check” in your spirit, then God is revealing to you the thing is not of Him. For instance, you want to go visit someone. You pray to see if you should go, but you get something that bumps your peace. You pray again to make sure that you are getting a “check” or red flag (this can be strong or faint) which means that you should not go.

On the other hand, if you get a great joy and “green light” when you ask the Lord about visiting that person then by all means, it is from the Lord! But you cannot receive God’s perfect will if you haven’t emptied yourself of your own feelings and understanding. This cannot be overstated. I see people all of the time say they have a peace about doing something, but they are in reality heeding their own peace to make themselves happy instead of the will of God which causes one to totally take everything to the cross and leave it there first.

A few years ago, my husband and I had some money to make a large purchase on an item that wasn’t necessarily a live or die necessity. We went into the store and found one that we really liked a lot. We went to another store to check their competition, and went back to the first store. We sat in the parking lot seeking God for direction. It was a lot of money and we didn’t have any extra money for anything in those days. We could not miss God in this. (By the way, we feel that way in everything.) As we prayed, tears came to my eyes. A love filled me and I knew it was God just wanting to bless us. After all, He alone knows the future. Jonathan heard the same thing and we went in and purchased the item with great favor from God. We were given accessories for free and the entire purchase was a blessing. We could not have known that this very purchase has been a great anchor and an outlet for us in a powerful way in our special situation we’ve found ourselves these past several years.

Circumstances: Circumstances are what we often say here in the United States, “a bugger!” They are annoying and trying. They are rarely comfortable unless God is opening the door. But when He closes a door, it can be alarming and fight everything we think we know. The disappointment of closed doors (God moving you from once place to another or just plain keeping you where you are) is frustrating and designed to melt your flesh into the mighty flowing River of Life God sees He has for you. But if you don’t trust God, you will never get over this hurdle.

The cross of Jesus is the only way of peace, joy, strength, and purpose. We are faced with the cross of Jesus on a daily basis. If you aren’t aware of that, you need to get closer to God and hotly pursue Him. Just remember that the devil loves doing anything it takes to keep you from pursuing God and needing Him desperately. The happy Christian is the one who needs God desperately. It’s a great place of humility and fulfillment. If you don’t have to lean on God every day, then you don’t have an intimate relationship with Him that alone paves the way to eternal life. If you are complacent and not challenged to change, then satan has you right where he wants you, for his plan is for you to be with him forever, not God.

So, back to circumstances. . . They are for your good. They are to challenge you and to stir you up. This is when you find out if you live by faith or by circumstances. Which pulls you the strongest? How do you react when you are challenged? Do you worry? Oh-oh… Do you get angry? Oh- oh… Do you start running around trying to make things happen like Saul did when things weren’t coming together like he was told in I Samuel 13:8-13? Oh-oh…

We have got to hold onto God’s Word when circumstances want to pull us. If God is closing doors, He knows what He is doing. God is the Saviour of the world – we are not. Why do I say that? Because sometimes we think we’re indispensable. Yes, we are always God’s hand extended, but sometimes God has another plan in a different place.

There are people who want a confirmation (which is always good and sometimes necessary) but >>>> go up to people and say, “I want to go on this mission trip, and it really means a lot to me.” Then they wait to see what the person says, which is usually conducive (favorable) to what they want to hear. That isn’t how you get confirmation. Do you really want God’s will? Then wait to have God speak through someone or something (and this can literally be thousands of different things God uses to put in your pathway to speak to you) to confirm that very thing you have been praying for and is pressing on your heart. If you’ve committed your situation to the Lord, and ask Him for His confirmation, then He will do it. That means, supernaturally you will hear and see a confirmation.

Supernaturally you say? Yes, I say supernaturally. That doesn’t mean something weird happens, it means that God (Who Is supernatural) lines up something for you to see or hear right when you need to see or hear it. You’ll have a witness (an “aha!” inside of you) in your spirit and you will know it was God. Supernatural just means that we can’t do it ourselves, and God Who is Divine, divinely steps in and shows up! It is that simple.

Circumstances are designed by the enemy to derail us. Circumstances are designed by God to know Him better. It’s your choice really.

Even this year, my husband and I have had serious things happen to us that made our lives so miserable and inconvenient. But we chose to be thankful instead. In that state of mind and spirit, our eyes were then allowed to be opened to see God in the situation and we could then hear God. Through faith only, we can stay on track and get excited over the tragedy that has befallen. Every day circumstances have piled up to look worse and worse for us. We have taken God one day at a time and bent with the flow of His leading. We have a joy that supersedes our understanding because we actually believe God is Who He says He is, and that He will turn things OUT FOR GOOD, because we love Him so. When you love Him with all that is within you, you are the called of God. See Romans 8:28 for details.

As a result of loving on God by utterly trusting Him through this all, we have experienced phenomenal favor that constantly amazes us. Each week we have a list of incredible things that have happened to us in every realm. We still are in awe. We know it will continue.

How do you know you trust God 100%? You will be rewarded with joy. It’s that simple. It is an absolute. If you are in an extraordinary grievous situation of great sadness, the trust will give you a peace that surpasses all of what you know and that swirls around you. Peace comes before joy. Joy comes before strength.
I may add onto this later, but this is enough to embrace and work through in all of the details of one’s life. Life is much simpler knowing these basic concepts of God’s great wisdom, and we still have not touched the greatness of His wisdom. That is how much higher God is than us. He is that great, and all the more reason we can trust Him utterly. Remember, Hebrews 11:6 says we cannot even please God if we do not have this faith. So, blow out all of the stops and trust Him completely. He never fails.

When you can have someone pray with you or for you, do so. Surround yourself with people who know God as well as you or better. Do not surround yourself with people who move out of their own understanding and only want to say things that tickle your ears.

God is your Saviour and Redeemer. Let Him do His job. The more you do, the easier it is to trust Him. The storm isn’t so bad when you’ve built and built and built on trust and faith. The more you see God move on your behalf, the easier it is to stand on Him the next time….. Even though the next time may be a greater storm. God wants you to grow. Let Him have His way.

From Glory to Glory ~~~~

We bless you in His Mighty Name!!!!

Something practical to consider:

Did you do something out of your own hopes and dreams? Did you do something out of your own understanding without getting a clear release in your spirit through prayer before you did it? Did you let pressure get the best of you? Then humble yourself before the mighty God of all creation Who is the God of all flesh, and repent. When that is done, get up and be in joy. That is God’s first will for you once you’ve repented.

Now talk to God as your Redeemer. Ask Him (and believe with all that is within you) to redeem your situation, and also quote His Word (as your sword and promise, such as Rom. 8:28) while you pray. The Word of God performs that which God intends it to perform (Is. 55:11). Always remind God of His Word. He likes that!

Ask Him what to do next. Trust Him. He will show you at the very right time. If you are in His will, then He will do things supernaturally (divinely) on your behalf and bring you favor where you thought the situation would go in a different way. Do things like you believe you are in God’s will. Faith needs action for God’s hand to bless. God will most certainly and absolutely turn things around for good for you. He will for He is our Redeemer.

Remember God’s Word in Matthew 7:7 that encourages us to ask, seek, and knock? The Greek words are actually, “keep on asking, keep on knocking, keep on seeking”. Where a door was closed before, may be opened next time. God is our creator, and He changes not. We are like Him. Maybe you need to approach something differently. Be creative. Ask the Creator to give you His plan. Wait for it. It just may come instantly! Matthew 7:8

Life on earth with Christ is a learning curve. Let Him change you and teach you.

If you did something in God’s will, but everything is going wrong, then you need to stand. After having done all, stand. Have you done all? Read Ephesians 6:17. Remember to thank Him and praise Him often. This too is a show of trust and love toward Him in all and every situation. The harder the storm, the more praise blesses Him. He just wants you.

God is always good. He teaches us, and also comforts us. Trust Him. This shows you really do love Him. Love and trust go hand in hand and are never separated.

Blessings in abundance be yours, in Jesus Name, amen.