Jet Streams Changing

Given April 1st, 2012

How this could be possible, I do not understand. But the good thing is, I don’t have to understand how! Here is the vision:

A friend of mine (Debbie C) and I were facing west. From the south a jet stream came past us. Inside of this jet stream were large snowflakes, the size of basketballs, but much flatter; just like snowflakes. The flakes varied in sizes, some were smaller but the various sizes of super large were consistent.

Details to the jet stream were vivid. As Deb and I looked to the north to where the jet stream was headed, I said, “Some one is going to get it.” Not good.

The snow flakes were not snowballs, but enormous flakes. I then said to Deb, “God is changing the jet streams everywhere.” I had a sense of changing weather patterns as well.

After Deb and I looked at the jet stream, we looked at the mountains and hills. Two obvious and very large mountains directly infront of our viewing had two (one on each mountain) some sort of being that had his arms and head on top of the mountain. The beings were soft and “genie” looking. They had their head on their hands which were under their chins. Their jumbo full reddish (but lighter in color) brown arms seemed to drape over the mountain they were on, and they were smiling a broad smile.

Then other things started to happen in the sky. We recognized that signs and wonders were coming and that they were all around. It was an exciting season to be in or that is about to happen.


Jet streams are going to be affecting our weather patterns for a change is coming to them. Apparently, we are going to be seeing some awesome things in the heavens (the skies). God is eager to draw all men unto Himself. Pray for laborers, for the harvest is truly ripe and getting riper all of the time!