It’s Coming Sooner Than We Thought

March 31, 2011

The dream. . . I was talking with a friend of mine while others around, and it was a little like a picnic scene. We were out in a wooded area, but close to the road. Everyone but myself was local.

My friend was upset about my meat or something, so I commented to her about hers perhaps. Whatever it was that transpired, she got upset and there was contention. It didn’t matter to me, I was easy going, but still, she was upset. I walked away graciously with my plate of food and found a more open area to sit.

I started talking with my friend’s husband just a bit and I walked over to see their freezer that was nearly as big as a twin bed but tall in depth. The lid was open (like a chest) and it was stocked full of red meat. Huge cuts of meat; ribs, roasts, and so forth. The freezer was brimming.

I finished my plate and decided that since there had been contention, I’d leave. With this particular gal friend, it was always best to leave it alone and let time pass.

I walked out to my car and saw in the direction of the south or southeast 4-5 billows of dust/dirt bearing north toward us. It was a solid wall, yet billowed in those 4-5 sections. I could see the fierceness and swirling inside each billow of the dust. It was like an angry monstrous storm ready to devour everything in its path.

The wall of medium brown sand and dirt was nearly 500’ to 1000’ (ft) high and perhaps a ½ mile wide. (I am purely guessing at the height, but it was way up there). It did not take the whole horizon of the south, but the east side of the south. This devastation was about 15-20 miles away.

I yelled out to everyone to see this storm for it was very scary. My friend simply forgot her offense and told me to get my car into her cave. I was the only one who had a car since I was living in a different area than them all. My friend had this cave all ready for such a time as this. It was great! She was very prepared!

I quickly drove my car to head into the cave which was outlined with a square white garage façade. I instantly thought I should back in so I could get out facing forward and easily. As I positioned my white car with red interior (which also had a squareness about it, and once owned in my life) I was now at a right angle to back onto the pavement in front of the cave door. No biggy. But now, there were four mushroom style stools. The platform of the driveway (of several feet in length) to enter the garage was now a couple of feet high off the ground!

The stools were like stepping stones to drive on.

The first two stools were about 8” off the ground; they had white bases and red tops. The second set of two stools were also white based with blue tops. They were 8” higher than the other two. Then the platform was some inches higher than them. I knew I would have to floor the gas pedal to back up onto the first set and get climbing while I had to steer the car into a straight position as I went backward.

With no problem, but with forceful determination, I got onto the pavement and backed right into the deep cave. My car was something like my 1964 Malibu Super Sport (SS).

While parked deeply back into the cave, the cave also made a left turn into a living area that went on and on. Bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms and all were ready for this time. Lots of food was stored there for everyone.

I was looking through my suitcase, (which happens to be the one I am presently living out of) for my Bible. I couldn’t find it. I was frantically looking. I ran back to the entrance of the cave to get out to run to the picnic table where I thought the Bible was sitting. There were two regular type doors at the very front left corner of wall with bolts melded into the wall, so it was securely shut. I ran over to the right side where the bolts were for the garage door that was massively big and spoke with a tall blonde gal who was in charge of everyone’s goings in and outs. I asked her, “How do I get out!?” She said, “Here.” She proceeded to unbolt the door for me.

I ran like lightning. I looked back at the billows. They were now only about 5 miles away and bearing down quickly! Still, I could see the turmoil in the clouds of dirt and its fuming demeanor. I couldn’t believe it! It had come so far so quickly and was nearly upon us!

I could hear cars trying to drive away from this boiling doom and heard people wail for getting caught in it. It was deadly. Anyone in its path would get swallowed up and disappear.

I decided to make a run for it anyway, but in the corner of the road (the road was a “Y” and I was heading around the right down to the picnic area) I saw to my left, in a patch of ground, become as sand and it shifted like a winding snake. I thought immediately ‘earthquake’, but knew it wasn’t that literally, but the force this tumult heading our way was affecting the ground as well as the air it flew through. I looked one more time at the billowing mess coming and suddenly calculated my run to the Bible and run back to the cave.

I kept thinking of my Bible and thinking, “promises, my promises!” I could see in my mind the promises of my husband’s and my breakthrough underlined and highlighted with notes throughout certain passages in this particular Bible; one of three I am in all of the time. But I knew somehow that the Bible would stay anchored (I just knew) and I could unbury it later, through the two – three feet of dust that would envelope it.

I bolted back to the cave and woke with a jerk.

I had a tremendous and unusual powerful “urge” come on me that didn’t relate to anything that made sense, except that I knew it was the finishing message of the Lord concerning this dream He spoke to me.

Interpretation ~~~

Wow! I was a little frightened. Interestingly so, the day before, a different friend of mine and I were talking about meat and being kosher vs. not being kosher, but neither one of us cared what anyone else did. I proceeded to walk into the office where my computer is, after I spent time praying and sharing with my husband about the dream. There was the daily scripture given, “Therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink or respect to. . .” Colossians 2:16. It was one of those confirmations God gives me all of the time.

The white in the dream is God’s path, His pureness, which can only be obtained through the Blood of Jesus (which is the red). The entrance to the cave of refuge and protection is through the Blood of Jesus and walking purely before Him.

The food that was in the freezer and the food in the cave was total preparedness. I spoke with the friend in the dream who was contentious and it so happens; she has a place in her garage that is fully stocked and with the ability to live with many people. I didn’t know that.

The blonde in the dream I believe is an angel of the Lord on watch for those who take shelter in the Name of Jesus for such a time as this.

The mushroom stools were steps easily obtainable by walking rightly with God, and taking authority. Loving God with all of our might (“all of our mind, soul, & strength”) we proceed to His faithfulness and place we are to be with Him.

The Bible I was running after is the Bible that many revelations of what God is doing in my husband’s and my lives the past month, and it has been riveting! We know God has a financial breakthrough for us so we can get the home He has promised us. Only He knows how this is going to happen, so the scriptures He has given us lately have been powerful and greatly encouraging. We are leaning on this!

The direction the devastation was coming from is important. This goes along with the first prophetic dream God gave me in June of 2005 concerning two disasters that were going to happen in Washington, seemingly very close to each other. Jonathan and I have known that our breakthrough was probably going to happen between the two. If not between, near or before the first disaster. That part is not clear. Only that we had received our breakthrough before the 2nd disaster is clear.

Because of that vivid vision and dream God gave me those years ago, we believe that (and through prayer) this is showing that the first disaster which is supposed to happen (anywhere south of Seattle) is closer upon us than we thought. What I am going to say right here isn’t a “thus saith the Lord”, but I think the 1st disaster has to do with either Mt. Rainier or Mt. St. Helens. I had a dream of me running around the top of a mountain trying to tell people to get off, and while I was doing this, destruction was right behind me or right beside me. I saw people and homes taken quickly with no warning. I haven’t gotten the full Spirit of the Lord on this yet. We will see. . .

Just yesterday, April 9th, I had gotten something serious about Mt. Saint Helen’s. Still praying on this. I have it documented however.

We believe that because of other dreams and visions about the two different disasters to hit in this state, that this dream was specifically about the first one to come.

In other words, this isn’t about some spiritual attack about to come upon us, but a physical disaster. The breakthrough we’ve been standing for is sometime around the first disaster as already stated. Then the 2nd disaster that may be worse than this one, the earthquake, will bring forth a tsunami to the Puget Sound area.

We will probably write more on this, but will post this for now. Feel free to send any questions.

The messages we heard the most in this was, “This is Urgent, and it is Closer than We Think! Be prepared spiritually and physically!”

God’s peace, miracles, & mercies be on you as you repent, seek others to, and come into His refuge of safety for us all. Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved! God is faithful and we need not to fear. We can count on God to keep His Word when we walk uprightly with Him.

He cares more about souls being joined to Him and emptying hell. There has been little repentance in the Northwest among Christians, let alone the unbelievers. God is a righteous God. He does what brings the most souls to Him. You can count on His goodness no matter what!!!! Remember, God is Sovereign, and He IS the King of Kings!

From glory to glory He alone does wondrous things. : )

Our love,

Jonathan & Stephanie