Intro to Prophetic Word(s)

We are opening this page up, finally. Why the wait you may wonder?

Well, to submit a prophetic word of any nature requires a great deal of accountability. One must count the cost before they engage their mouth! So, when God moves on you to speak, that cost should be a done deal so you move in God without hesitation.

Such brave words.

People, who are not in the front line of the public, often don’t understand the judgment and scrutiny of those who are. Still, if you are a leader, you can’t be swayed by opinions that are a dime a dozen. A good leader has accountability with a few mature voices that feed into their life with all honesty and humility. This is an absolute must. This isn’t the subject we’re writing on, but it is a stand that needs to be heard and strongly encouraged.

We have such accountability.

A good leader can be corrected and receive that correction with grace. I personally receive it with gladness, because if that correction is really from God (which then witnesses in my spirit) than I can rejoice for God protecting me and keeping me on His track. And isn’t that all what we truly want? Is to be like HIM? That is our joy, our life, our light and total peace. That is the track of the Lord, and that is abundant life.

Credibility? That is the soundest foundation of a word given, (except it be full of Light), even in distress.

Credibility to us means that what is given is proven in God’s time. If half my words aren’t happening, then my credibility is nearly worthless. I don’t want to waste God’s time, and neither do you. We will be submitting a separate article on the difference of a Prophet and one who walks in the gift of prophecy. (Big difference in receiving, delivering, and much more…)

So, in fear and trepidation to the Lord God, and Him only, I submit what God has given me to share with you and anyone who cares to hear.

All words given are greatly and most sincerely submitted in hopes you will pray over them, even at times intercede ~ bringing and pulling down God’s mercies and miracles.

We don’t get words to excite people. We get God’s word to bring us closer to Him and search out His meaning and purpose behind the word for instruction, protection, and warning. A prophetic call to the nation or some geographical area is often a call to draw closer to God, whether through repentance or falling on one’s face, we must want more of Him.
Whereas a word given from the prophetic “word of prophecy” as the gift in the New Testament speaks about, is for edification, exhortation, and comfort. (I Cor. 14:3)

There are testimonies abundant on the subject of disasters. We know that if you call on the name of the Lord, you shall be saved! And I have a few of my own miraculous stories to share on that as well as the multiple testimonies you can read about in many Christian publications.

I am speaking about natural disasters, because most of the prophetic words I receive as a Prophet are about natural disasters. You will see in the ‘words’ that I have submitted in this link.

In a separate article, (coming soon) I have written most of the words that deal with a form of disaster that God has given to me through the years. Each one has happened. Each one. There is one yet to come that I will be submitting. There is a timing for that which will be very soon.

I want to challenge you who intercede over prophetic words. Get the heart of God in your prayers.

What is the heart of God??? God is a lover of souls! He hears our hearts crying out for salvation to our north, south, east, & west. This is His heart. If it takes a disaster to save more souls for heaven bound, then this is the holiness and goodness of God. But it also is the severity of God.

Pray about this. Pray before you react. When you hear a word from God that is submitted by someone, always pray first and seek His face. This takes the wisdom and fear of God. Our mind, which causes us to react first, always leads us astray.

God hears the cries of His people. We cry that none would be lost and that all would be saved. This is His love for all shed abroad in our hearts.

There are places where sin abounds and revival does not. Pray hard and with great faith. When God does a tear in the heavenlies (angelic warfare and such) the earth also goes through a tear. Let me explain:

Using the possibility of an earthquake as an example, the tearing that takes place in the heavenlies over that particular geographical area, often results as an earthquake on earth. Who can judge what our Father in heaven is doing all the time? We see through a glass darkly, and we each share our bit of light.

We pray for revival. Does not God’s word say that we fight not against flesh and blood but powers of darkness and the like, in Ephesians? If we gain ground, it’s because we’ve ushered in warfare against the true enemy and victory comes forth.

Where justice prevails, sin cowers. Principalities are dealt with. What principality do you want in your government, state, city, and your very own neighborhood?

What principles do you live by? What principles does a broken down neighborhood live by where crime exists predominantly?

What we give permission to happen happens in the heavenlies, for whatever we bind here on earth is bound in heaven, and so whatever we loose here on earth is bound in heaven. Matthew 18:18.

So, “…if My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will heal their land.” (NAS)

We start with ourselves, repenting and changing. 2009 is the year of new wine skins. This means, we react differently in situations than we have prior to this day. It’s the mind of Christ more clearly and more defined with absolute resolution God will have His way no matter what the cost. And by the way… it will cost you everything. Your understanding, desires, hopes, dreams, and all that your carnality has manifested.

A Prophet’s heart is to pray and intercede and to call others to do the same.

Please pray. Seek God fervently.

“Thank You God that the fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. We need to prevail and supercede all that we ever have in the past. For Your Name’s sake, and for Your Kingdom to come!!! In Jesus’ Name, amen.

In His Service,

Stephanie Krenning