III Foundation: Our Heart for the Elderly

Independence ~ Identity ~ Integrity

Rescuing the forgotten Generation;
Restoring Dignity & Hope;
Reviving Purpose

Open your mouth for the speechless, for the right of all the unfortunate, open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and needy…” Proverbs 31:9 NAS

Our forgotten generation is the elderly of the land in our nation. Who is speaking up for them? Who is fighting for them?

Many ministries start orphanages and reach out to the poor in other countries, and this is necessary and very good. Let there be more! There is still a wide gap and need for this. We are one of those who support various national and international ministries for these great causes.

Yet there is a loud drumbeat in our hearts for our elderly here in America. We want to see them restored, respected, and honored in every way possible.

We have started the Foundation for the Elderly called, “I I I Foundation.” It is our hope to bring Independence, Identity, and Integrity back into the lives of each elderly person we work with.

Our vision is mighty and far-reaching to help the elderly to maintain their dignity in every way possible.


Our goal and purpose is to allow the elderly who are being pushed out of their homes (because taxes have out done ~ out grown ~ their social security etc.) to stay in their homes. It loathes the heart of God to see people pushing them around and telling them where to live and how to think without regard to their feelings and what they have established. Especially during such an emotional traumatic period of their lives. That is a subject all of it’s own and will be addressed further down the line.

It also hurts the heart of God to see these people ignored and disrespected.

We want to provide gentleness and hope to those who can’t pay their bills and have the threat of disclosure breathing down their backs.

It is not “living” to go from paycheck to paycheck. These people still love, and love to give. They need to be enjoying life yet.

We have several goals in our hearts to reach the elderly:

1. We would like to feed them, perhaps take them groceries.

2. Maybe pay a bill or two to relieve them so they don’t get pulled under.

3. Give companionship. We would like to send out people who like to spend an hour or two just sitting with them, or taking them to the store. Most importantly, just being there for them in fellowship.

4. Clean house; help with special projects that at this point in their life seems overwhelming. Or just give them the blessing of helps as needed.

5. Although the needs and demands are great, we would like to pay for some that are very needy, their taxes for the year, and give them a little extra to breathe with and remind them how precious they are and that God is a God of hope and generosity.

Sometimes we can relieve the elderly involved for a six-month period of time. The decisions will be pending on contingencies.

Most importantly, we are a team that is led by the Holy Spirit for each situation.

We are the hands of God. We are His mouthpieces. We will go and share the Gospel ~ for that is part of our outreach. A very soft invitation, or encouragement to the elderly God gives us to reach. Our heart is to give, (not push) the joy of the Lord and His salvation and lovingkindnesses to each recipient.

How to Reach Our Goal

It takes a great deal of finances to have such an impact and we thank you for being one of many to pray and donate any amount for this great endeavor. We hope to go national after our local outreach is successful and rewarding to the recipient.

We will offer superior follow up and excellent service through the whole process.

Our Appreciation

It is God and God alone Who draws a person to a calling and a purpose. If you feel drawn to this journey of hope for the elderly, we will appreciate all support in every realm. We are so very grateful for you.

Prayer is always a necessity. Things are birthed, nurtured, and harvested with glory through the prayers of God’s elect. Our heart is simply to seek God’s glory in all things.

Finances are always a necessity. We will need great gifts as well as the single dollars that please God’s heart. He is the Rewarder of all giving. (“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as to the Lord, not as unto men;” Col.3:23)
We Welcome You Aboard!!!!

Glory to Glory Ministry,

Jonathan & Stephanie Krenning
With Our Deepest Gratitude & Love

P.S. — Are you looking for an address so you can send us your monetary donation? Please find it on our contact page. Don’t forget to mention “III Foundation” specifically, if that’s where you want your donation to be used.