Hurricane Irma

September 7, 2107 2:11 a.m.

I tried to put a couple of pictures here, but on September 2nd that continued for a few hours into September 3rd, I took a couple of pictures revealing a particular face in the clouds staring down at Hurricane Irma. This weather system, that looked like a cartoon abstract picture of a face a bit unnerved by Irma was located at North and South Carolina.

For fun (please note what I just wrote) I wondered if that wasn’t where Hurricane Irma was going to land or strongly affect?

Is it possible to read signs and wonders God has put in place for mankind to observe?

Absolutely! If this happens like I entertained in my thinking, I will be taking more pictures of the satellite images. I’ve taken quite a few so far and do a lot of pondering and praying.

The dates are on the pictures that are from

I cannot skew them and the times they are recording. I’m sure someone out there could, but I don’t have the desire or the wherewithal to do so. It’s real and it’s fun.

If I can get these pictures in place in this article, I will get it done. Give me a day or so.

Blessings and happy learning! I certainly am!

1) Picture of Face looking in horror from the Carolinas right at Hurricane Irma:

2) Picture of Hurricane Irma before she was. I saw that she would be a monster when I saw her look like a dragon. Taken from my Hurricane Watch August 28, 2017 pictures with the note: “Notice Dragon on right. Watching for days now.”