Howling Wolves

February 19th ish~

We had been praying when I heard a wolf howl. This was not with my physical ears. This was with my spiritual ears, but heard as though it was my physical ears! I heard it so very distinctly, and two or three times. I even saw a wolf sitting with his head up howling.

Since then, I have seen a lot about wolves, and just a couple of days ago I saw a Dr. Wolve speak concerning some new diet pills for FDA to approve (I am not saying they are good or bad, just telling you the experience), then went to a room and saw a woman in a long white dress (almost bridal) with a wolf on each side; the closest one had his head up howling. This was in a food magazine!! A full picture ad.

When this happened, I immediately called a couple of people to warn them of the warning I heard in the spirit. Whatever you do, guard your heart!!! The enemy would love to ravage our hearts for this season. But remember, we are overcomers!!! Don’t let the normal things that cause you to be annoyed, frustrated, or hurt get to you like they have in the past. We cannot let ourselves be sabotaged. If we fall over, rise again in great forgiveness and humility. Run to the Strong Tower!!!

Then I had a dream a few days later of oversized gigantic black bears. Don’t get complacent. The enemy has complex agendas to seek us out.

Plead the blood of Jesus, stay in the word, fellowship, and prayer. KNOW YOUR AUTHORITY AND DO NOT FEAR! Keep your “scripture swords sharp” and do your battle in your prayer closet, not on the ones offending and clobbering you!

We do not fight against flesh and blood, but principalities of darkness, etc. Take heart; we are all in this together!! Jesus goes before us and His angels watch over us. We may be in the fire, but we will not be burned. That is keeping our minds in the mind of Christ!

Our love for you all,

In Him, for HIS glory!