His Lovingkindness

“O God, in the greatness of Your lovingkindess, answer me with Your saving truth.” Ps. 69:13b

“Answer me O LORD, for Your lovingkindess is good; according to the greatness of Your compassion, turn to me.” Ps. 69: 16 (NAS)

What blesses me beyond my comprehension is that God has levels of lovingkindness! The King James version refers to lovingkindness as mercy, but the Hebrew takes the originality of the word and expresses it as a tender love of compassion, and lovingkindness. I’m glad God gave me the verses one evening in the New American Standard (NAS) version (because it was the closest to the original meaning, and also), because I was calling out to God to give me some answers. I prayed David’s prayer in his cry of distress out of Psalm 69 and appealed to the Lord Who offers us all greatness of His lovingkindnesses and the greatness of his compassions. In the Hebrew, compassion was likened to the yearning and moving of a man’s bowels toward a maiden. I relate to the “gut yearning” literally.

When I cry out to God, I don’t want to receive anything but His absolute truth. I’m not going to twist His words that He speaks to me, for then I would receive nothing. I want God to tell me what He really wants me to know and I will receive that. If it hurts, then I grow. Truth is everything.

God will meet you as He meets me and how He met David. He meets our need in the greatness of His lovingkindness. None of us deserve this lovingkindness, so we don’t need to get hung up on that. We belong to the King Who wants to give us lovingkindness, because that is Who He IS. God cannot deny Himself. Aren’t you glad?

Remember, anytime you repent (turn and follow a different direction sincerely in your heart toward God), the blood of the Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) is applied over you entirely that gives you access to the things of God in His greatness and love. He sees you as He sees Jesus. What a gift salvation!!

May today be a day of believing in His lovingkindness toward you. Reach out to God for His goodness to you. May God drench you with the greatness of His lovingkindness and compassions! In Jesus’ name, amen.