Harvesters Being Captivated

Dream July 8, 2009

I dreamed there was the most beautiful field of golden wheat waving poetically with the breeze. It was dark outside but there would be areas where the wheat would glow in a honey golden-blonde hue. One area would be highlighted, then another. I wanted to just gaze at it.

A young woman dressed in a dark maid’s uniform with the white criss-cross on her back had come out to tend to the wheat and the next step to harvesting it. But a man who was very stern in demeanor was standing in the middle of this beautiful wheat field and ordered her to tend to a wooden fence post. The wire wrapped around this post had gotten compromised and he ordered her to fix it.

This was neither the training nor the desire of the maiden whose hair was pinned up in a French roll style. She tried to object at first, but this man was intimidating, controlling, and very strict.

The man was seen from the backside and he was dressed in a black old fashioned suit with a top hat that the Amish would wear. His garb was very religious and old. The wheat came up to his chest or higher. What he wanted the young woman to do was more arduous and not familiar to her, so it took her longer to do it than someone else who was designed for this job.

He was in the field to thwart those who came to do the harvesting. He got them busy doing something that looked righteous, but was not necessary, nor should have been attended to.

I was quite upset with this man. His authority was over-bearing toward the maiden. I thought about approaching him to make him stop, but knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I ran to get some of the young men (20’s or older) than I had met earlier so we could confront this man together. I came running back first with the others following me, and found the man had gotten the maiden to work on all the posts down the fence.

On the other side was the sea. Because it was so dark out, you could barely make it out, but I knew it was there. It was smooth and calm.

The man saw me come after him and realized I was coming with reinforcements. He was far down in the field and I wondered at first if I was going to get to him in time. But all of a sudden, as I got closer to him, he turned around and said, “It’s enough, I’m finished.” It was a surrender/give up stance. I was shocked. I was glad and relieved.


The field of wheat is the harvest the Lord has for us to tend to. The harvest is those who are in position to be given the truth of the Word of God for salvation, deliverance, miracles, healings etc…

The man represents religiosity. This is not having a personal relationship with God, but rather doing everything by what you have been taught traditionally made up of mainly rules men have set up for their own gain and conscience sake. This is keeping the letter of the law, not the keeping of holiness according to the Spirit of the Living God which brings liberty!

The sea represents the multitude of peoples who are in darkness. This is vast.
The young woman represents the one who desires to obey God and knows what God is saying to him/her. She is a servant of the Most High. She needs to be set free yet more and more!

The fence between the field of golden wheat and the sea is the old barrier that needs to come down so the masses can come in. The fence between the old worn splintery wood posts was chicken wire.

End of Interp~~~

We urge you all to stay in the Word, become bold as lions (see Proverbs 28:1). Stay on track with the Lord and call upon God to assist you with His grace, His ministering angels, His power, love and wisdom!

Keep your heart pure.

Remember we are to empower, teach and guide others to come into their place. You have a gift? Teach it to someone. Christianity isn’t a hierarchy; it’s a training ground for all! No one is better than another.

You will not only change from glory to glory, but will Glorify HIM!!