God’s Updated Dream About Christmas Presents!

August 26, 2010

I dreamed that I was with my family, perhaps at my Mom’s house. I saw a part of the living room, kitchen, and family/Christmas room. The last room was where we did our preparation for Christmas stuff, except the kitchen baking. In this room was a banquet table where much of the decorations and props for presents were. My Mom was baking for the day and this was Christmas Eve.

We were all terribly sulking, going through the motions (trying not to make each other feel badly) that we had no Christmas presents, which meant we were not going to have a Christmas. Christmas was such a big big big deal for us all. We had particular traditions each Christmas, such as finger puppets made out of soft tannish brown flannel that was square cut, but managed to fit the finger perfectly (but the material was not tight). The top of this flannel that was placed on our finger/s was a large head, type of “Nutcracker” style head/bust. Each and every year, we would wear these finger puppets (often just one, but sometimes more than one on a hand) and it was just part of our celebration!

We didn’t know what we were going to do. It was as though Christmas had been cancelled. We felt devastated, without hope, and just plain awful! (Did I mention, sad?)

Suddenly I was pulling my sled (with a rope, thin and soft) up to the house. The ground was smooth packed snow, for the sled just glided at my pull. My sled was covered and toppling with presents of all sizes! There were presents galore for each person!

I walked into the living room, (the door was open) through the kitchen into the family/preparation room. Although these presents would end up under the tree in the living room, it was like a little parade to my family.

Now we were buzzing with joy, peace, excitement! We were incredibly excited, and Christmas was on!!! My oldest sister and I went to the banquet table, and now somehow, our finger puppets that we have had since the beginning of our lives, were now in sight and we all gathered up our puppets. Our presents that had tarried in arriving, had now come and had not tarried, for they were here right on time!


“For the vision is yet for an appointed time; it hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay (tarry).” Habakkuk 2:3

Like so many of us, we have heard this scripture and promise ~~~ how many times???? It is still the Word of God though, and it is still on for His believers!

There is so much in this dream!!! First of all, this dream is not about Christmas, or Christmas celebrations. This dream, as the dream posted June 15, 2009, is symbolic for something we all pretty much universally celebrate and relate to in an important way. Christmas is something “we look forward to”. In these two dreams God has given, Christmas represents a season and time of family and a time of celebration. It represents a time of joy and presents, promises and ‘giftings’ if you will.

We just want to jump up and down for joy, for God has given this update concerning the giftings and promises He has given to His family of believers, that we have all been waiting, yearning, and hoping for, with all of our hearts, souls, & minds!!!! Read the other Christmas present dream, and it will help you understand why this is an ‘update’ from Dad and why this is so important. Before, God revealed that our promises were coming, yet delayed. Certainly, this has been the trying and understanding throughout the country! But now He is saying they are arriving, and on time! Suddenly!!!!! No longer after the expected day, although it tarries, it will show up on time for that time!!! This time, it isn’t after Christmas, it is the hoped for day! But we couldn’t see it in the dream at first. That’s where faith kicks in.

The finger puppets represent the giftings and callings of the Lord. Just like the 5-fold ministry, there are 5 fingers. The thumb represents the Apostle. We believe God is sharing clearly that the 5-fold ministry is going to be restored in their giftings! Yes, God has been restoring the callings, but now the giftings in those callings are about to be restored and seen! The “Nutcracker” players that I can remember are royalty and soldiers. This definitely is the body of Christ and our roles in His Kingdom. These giftings have been with us and preplanned from the Lord since the beginning of time for each of us.

What is also interesting is that I found out 5 days before this dream that my daughter in law is pregnant! If you have read the prophecy dream June 15, 2009, you will note that someone was pushing a baby carriage! I don’t know if a baby was in there or not. So, we know that we are in the time for God to open His heavens and restore His people in their hopes, dreams, and visions!!!

Becca is to give birth around the middle of February. Yay Jesus!

Summary: Our dreams, visions, hopes & promises are upon us, although we can’t quite see them. Keep faith!!!!

In the dream we were well into the Christmas Eve day. It was dark out when we were all feeling gloomy and when “the suddenly” (the gifts/promises being seen) came. But the “evening” to celebrate hadn’t quite come yet. It was only several minutes away.

“Return to the stronghold, O prisoners who have the hope; this very day I am declaring that I will restore double to you.” Zechariah 9:12