God’s Messenger Through A Fish

Jonathan’s dream, July 26, 2010

Jonathan was standing with a couple of people near a large river. It was flowing from right to left. Then appeared, as though out of the river; a man whose skin was translucent and he stood before Jonathan. He held up his left hand and light was in his hand through the translucentness. He had been a fish before that apparently. Jonathan asked him, “Why did God make you a man?” His reply was, “I am a messenger from God to tell you that your promises are about here.”

When Jonathan woke up, it occurred to him that this messenger was like the fish who delivered up Jonah to give forth the prophetic word of the Lord.


A couple of things stand out in this dream. We believe the river is the River of God where His life flows. The messenger is an angel of the Lord sharing with Jonathan some great hope, for we personally are waiting for a magnificent breakthrough of phenomenal proportions for us to secure a house etc. for our ministry and livelihood.

Jonathan couldn’t remember if the messenger said, “. . .that your promises are here”, or that your promises are about here.”

The good news is, that God has shown us in night visions the past few years, that when our breakthrough comes, it is coming with the body of Christ’s appointed breakthroughs. We are all in this together! We have all been groaning for the marvelous things of God He has spoken to us about for some time now.

Rejoice with us that the family of God is about to break through from the Master of Breakthroughs!! Soon! Not a couple of years from now. We would venture to say, not even a year from now, but this year.

God bless us each and everyone. : )