Five Disasters F-5

January 1998

I dreamed that a particular customer I knew came into my retail shop to do business with me as she did on occasion. I left for my house and saw in the East five F-5 Tornadoes in position, spinning with great force, but stationary. These five tornadoes were side by side and waiting to be commissioned for a time of release. This customer came back to the store and I knew it corresponded with the timing of the disasters.

Interpretation: ~~
I believe that it won’t be long before we see five destructive forces in the United States; even some could be F-5 Tornadoes, or natural disasters that bring such a destructive force. But God gave me timing in this dream. I knew that when Susan came back into my store that the disasters set by God would be released.

Fulfillment ~~~
Three months went by and Susan did not enter my store! She was a monthly/regular customer even if just to chat. I took my dream back to God and asked Him if I had really heard from Him. He kept reassuring me to wait for Susan to arrive at the store.

One day, Susan comes to the store and I had forgotten about the dream. The very next day, an F-5 Tornado hit back East. Looking up the year 1998, it is recorded as one of the worst natural disaster years the country had. Certainly all of the destruction shown would happen in my dream, did happen that year, and it was all East to me, since I live in Washington state!