Earthquake Near Prince William Sound, Alaska Dream

I share this next dream cautiously. We love interacting with people about our dreams and visions. All of us have to be on guard to not take such things into our own understanding. That’s the place of failure when you want to hear from God. God speaks to our heart, and our heart thinks! (documented true). And like we’ve said countless times, only Holy Spirit can give us accuracy as to what He is saying. So, here’s the dream!

“A group of us were together and all of a sudden, a shaking on the ground took place. After we all got shaken, we were excited to see where the earthquake was. Had we had one of our own, or were we experiencing one many miles away of great magnitude?

I ran to the computer (of which in real life, I follow the earthquakes around the world and specifically Northwestern America, at least twice a day via Internet), and found that along our Washington Coast, two earthquakes had taken place. But they weren’t at that moment. I knew, because the circles that dictate the time and size of the earthquake on the screen showed they had happened more than an hour earlier. The sizes of these earthquakes were good 4’s or 5’s.

So, I scrolled up to the north, and immediately saw that Alaska had just had an earthquake! Not only had it just happened, but it was as large as an 8 something, or a 9 something. That is probably what we felt. The circle was huge (showing the earthquake and defining it) and red. The red color means it happened within the hour. I also took note of the location.” Woke up about 4:34 a.m.

End of dream.

The location is near Prince William Sound. Oddly, on this date (after I had my dream earlier that morning, there were headlines) of Prince William, and the sound that was made from the photos, reverberating through the world. This is what happened that day concerning Prince William (whom I love dearly, and his marvelous wife. Prince William reminds me much of my older son). Please understand that I’m posting the news that came out on this day just for ears to be opened. Without a doubt, we believe Prince William and his wife to be honorable people. Do not be quick to judge (in fact, refrain from it totally, and I’m not talking about the discernment type, but the condemnation type as the Bible clearly dictates, for only God knows the hearts of men). We are to love all as Christ loves us all. It’s a fine line to walk, as I call, the ‘Plumb Line’.


1. “Prince William and Princess Kate Make First Royal Ascot Appearance
“Wed, 15 Jun 2016
“Prince William and Princess Kate made their first visit to Royal Ascot today, accompanying Queen Elizabeth II. Ascot is one of the preeminent thoroughbred racing venues in the U.K. and also one of the Monarch’s favorite events. Scores of Brits turn up in their finest finery and hats to enjoy the. . .

2. “Prince William Makes History on Cover of Gay Magazine
“Wed, 15 Jun 2016
Prince William is making history by appearing on the cover of Altitude magazine, a leading U.K. gay magazine. In the issue he speaks out against homophobia, bullying and prejudice. “No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one should have to put up with the kind of. . .”

Let’s hope that Prince William doesn’t play a double standard (which I do not believe he would) by ousting other people because of their beliefs, like a famous cooking chef announced on TV July 1, 2016, that he wouldn’t let certain people into his restaurant for their convictions. This reminds me of the days when black people weren’t allowed in restaurants.

It is important to note that I didn’t say the earthquake was going to be in Prince William Sound. I said that area. All details are important. It could be there, however. I’ll update this if I get any revelation contrary to this.

Back to the dream!

Sequencing is great from the Lord! So, we shall look for earthquakes or something on the Washington coast before something takes place in Alaska. I’m seeking God if this is a literal prophetic dream about earthquakes. It was in color…. Usually for me, that is prophetic and pretty literal.

Might add one more thing here, since that dream, there has been a swarm of earthquakes happening near “Three Lakes” north of Seattle (and east). Started July 1 or 2nd. Look into that time frame.