Earth, Fighter Jets, & Solar Flares

The morning of August 20, 2011 I lay there wide awake, but closed my eyes. I immediately saw the earth (as I was far out into outer space) and it was grey. From top to bottom it had a zigzag thick cut and it was black.

Next I saw the tiniest fighter jets going from left to right. At first, I just saw the lead jet. I strained to see these and to affirm that they were indeed fighter jets. Then I saw the fleet of them following.

Thirdly, I saw from my right, a partial view of the sun. I was amazed how these pictures were animated in style and look. The sun was huge and bright yellow. A solar flare would lance out and the sun would turn. Then the whole sun came into view, rotating and holding at least six solar flares of great strength.

We believe this is a sequence of things to come. Some significant division in/on the earth, then some war, but could either be small, or far away. Then we will see disturbances from solar flares of the sun.