Don’t Leave Open Even A Window

Dream July 14, 2009

I dreamed I had my white car all packed with my belongings and remembered to get one more thing out of the apartment I was moving out of.

I turned to go and had left the back window of the car down about half way. I had a ‘check’ in my spirit. I thought it would be okay because a long haired blonde friend was right in front of the car in her deli (and this was outside) facing the car. I knew I’d be right back. I was trying to rationalize because I didn’t want to do the extra retracing of my steps.

But two guys drove up in a big pickup truck and parked right next to my car on that window side. The passenger got out and started looking into that window I had down. He sees this ‘high-tech’ expensive something or other thing I had in the back seat and starts talking to the blonde in the deli about it. Instead of her guarding her mouth to protect me, she just blatantly says, “Oh yeah, Stephanie paid a great deal of money for that!” The guy couldn’t resist and pulled it out of my car as I yelled at him and went running after him.

The guys got away and that wonderful thing had been stolen from me right from under my eyes!


I felt this was a WARNING from the Lord.

I felt the Lord was saying to me for the body of Christ, that we can’t let our guard down a little, and we need to heed the “check” we get in our spirit. We must keep the doors and windows closed on the enemy! We can only trust the Lord, not man. Perhaps we should watch out for the other more carefully?

Have no thoughts that lead to sin.

I thought of certain men I’ve known through the years that think its okay to “glance” at a women he doesn’t know. I’m not talking about looking at someone whether or not they or male or female, which we all do in our casual daily routine, but I’m talking about the motive behind the glance. Like, the “why” they think they need to.

I’ve heard guys say, “Well, that’s all I do, it stops there.”

I heard God say, “NO! That is where it begins!”

I don’t know why that example came to me, but that’s the one that flashed in my mind. So that is why I’m sharing this. There are several, if not millions, of examples one could come up with. So, ask Holy Spirit for an example in your life!

**An interesting note: I found out that same day I had the dream that one of my prayer partners had a scary happening at a parking lot after she came out of a grocery store. She was convinced that her dogs had been stolen out of the car. It took her five minutes to realize that she had left her dogs at the house she was visiting.

What is God saying? Be careful, the enemy is prowling around extensively right now to get us off guard, to put fear in us, to distract us from being strong in the Lord. We just simply need to be more careful. But don’t walk in fear! That isn’t of God!!!

So, this is a two part warning. God wants us to close all doors and even the littlest of windows to sin and ungodly character. The other warning is to be aware of the seasonal battle we’re involved in. Both are extremely important and you must pray, stay in the Word, and know your authority in Christ. If you don’t know your authority, write us, we will share with you!

Be blessed in His sovereignty and exquisite love over you!

From Glory to Glory!!!!