Do You Feel Rejected?

Once upon a time God gave a law for being unclean. Leviticus chapters discuss leprosy as an unclean situation and forced the one with such disease to be removed from all the other people so as not to spread the disease any further.

Then there were the people who hit their parents, slept with someone other than their spouse, murdered, or such things. These people were stoned to death thus separating them from the others as to not spread this sickness of sin from within to spread any further.

In today’s society, it is easy to be separated just because you believe in a righteous cause. Did not Jesus say, that in the last days, evil would be called good and good evil?

Even people who don’t have the ‘right look’ or talk the right vernacular are rejected and disassociated. Depends whom you are around, the famous “they” know how to make you feel unwanted, unpopular, and inferior. A disgusted look, laughter in mockery, or words that put you down, are just some of the ways it is communicated that we don’t fit in.

All this time God is looking at the inside of your heart. He says in His Word that it is what comes out of you that defiles you. He says that as a man thinks, so is he; and out of the abundance of the heart man speaks.

I have good news for you! People may be talking behind your back, people may not be inviting you to be a part of their society, or people may be looking down at you rather than smiling with acceptance when you walk in a room, but take heart! God cares about your heart, your motivation, and to see if He is all that matters in your inner most being. He said that if you were friends with Him, the world would hate you. The majority of persecution Jesus received was from the “religious”, meaning, those who knew the words of God, but not HIS heart.

There were four lepers in II Kings chapter eight that were outcast because of their disease. This was natural for them for they understood the law, but still, inside they could feel the rejection. In desperation when all was dismal around them and they had no place to turn, they decided to go to the enemy camp to get food since there was none around anywhere else.

In the meantime, God rids the enemy and the lepers show up and have a feast where the enemy once occupied. At first, in their delirious joy of plenty and hording, they realized that their heart was not right in being so selfish and recognized that God had used them to bring deliverance to their very own nation!! They knew that they would be dealt with in a horrible way if they did not share the good news God brought them to. So, they repented and shared the news of deliverance and saved their nation!

God says that through many trials and tribulations we enter the kingdom of heaven. But what goes on in our heart during these times is the main key therefore that needs to be our motivation ~ to keep our eyes on Jesus and stay upon God.

So no matter what you look like, or what type of job you have, God is looking for those who will make themselves available to Him with a pure heart.

“Do not be weary in well doing, for soon you will reap your reward.” Ephesians 6:9