Discovering God

I am reminded of Mark 11:22 in the Greek original, that says, “Have the faith of God”. That’s a tall order! But such an order of great liberty, for we can believe as much as we want to! We also know according to Colossians chapter three that whatever it is we do, we do for the glory of God and unto Him, not as unto man. With all of that said, I bring you to Romans 4, vs. 17-21.

God calls things into being that did not exist. Notice, present tense! Naturally; He is the I AM.

So… what needs to exist in your life, or the one you are praying for?

Then there is Abraham in this picture. Against all hope (and that is pretty severe) Abraham still hoped! He believed and he hoped when there was nothing visual for him to latch his heart unto. He must have thought God is Who He says He Is.

What really gets my attention is that in vs. 19 Abraham was allowed to think on what it was he didn’t have (“contemplated his own body, now as good as dead”) because he did it with faith, and without becoming weak in faith!! All he did was consider his circumstances. He wasn’t in denial. He wasn’t pulled down by the facts. Neither was Abraham cynical. He took note of the facts and “with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief, BUT GREW STRONG IN FAITH, GIVING GLORY TO GOD.”

Wow. What this says to me is, that I am well aware I have no money (as an example) yet I see this house that I know has my name written all over it! Actually, this happened to me over 30 years ago. I found God’s promises, and asked Him if He wanted me to get the house. It seemed He let me know it was it, and for the next two years, I believed for that house when I had no provision visible. Yet I believed all the more! That house became my home for 26 years.

I had a tubular pregnancy but believed Holy Spirit to bring that baby to his rightful place. God did. A couple of times I had cancer (2nd time with limited time to live) and I stood on God’s Word to heal me. God did. It was different each time, but He did it!

God’s promises are Yes in Christ. We need to grab ahold of that, and actually believe God is Who He says He is. He has all the power. God’s Word says that! He also says we cannot please Him without faith.

Faith can take a whole lot of action. Even if it is a little action, it is done with our whole heart. Sometimes that action is to do nothing. If that is what God is telling you, that is what you do. It is an action. You better be sure that is exactly what He is saying. It’s in obeying that you get the results. And obedience comes through absolute trusting in Him Who has called you.

If you like miracles, then you are one who steps aside all understanding when the impossible comes your way. It is impossible to have a miracle without an impossible. If something is possible (through man’s efforts), then it takes no supernatural intervening to make it happen. If it is impossible in man’s capability, then it is a place for a miracle. That’s what miracles are. God’s intervention, for He alone is supernatural!

Jonathan and I are in that place of needing a miracle even now as we write this message. We saw the house with our name on it! It is such a place for our home, our ministry, and our business to train people. We need a huge hand of God (I can hear God laughing. . . “Really Stephanie? Huge hand? It’s a huge miracle for you, but all I have to do is speak the word”). Okay, let us just say, we need the favor of God’s hand. It will be.

Be encouraged this day. God is very interested in all of us giving Him the glory. He is very interested in blessing all of us. He is very interested in working all things together for good. He is looking for someone who will believe Him no matter what; someone who will praise Him through the jaws of adversity on the journey of faith. He just wants someone to love Him. Is that someone you?

I believe it is. God wants you to discover Him daily more than you could ever hope. Faith is that type of journey. It is discovering God.

As you discover God day by day, you can’t help but be changed from glory to glory!

Let us pray: “Dearest Father in heaven, thank You for wanting me to know more about You. Thank You for encouraging me to have more of You so that You can be glorified. Lord God, I want to glorify You in everything. I bring everything to You and WILL give You all the glory. Thank You Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”