Disaster Warning ~ Preparation Time

September 18, 2014

This letter is to encourage and strengthen you for the days that lie ahead. If I did not speak up with the things I knew, then I would be held accountable in a bad way. I must share with you what I KNOW, and this is to protect you and arm you in the best way possible.

For years, I have heard from the Lord about certain disasters that would afflict the United States and other countries. God showed me the Tsunami’s in Sri Lanka, the horrible storm of Hurricane Katrina, 1998 disasters of horrible size, and many other events throughout the years. Each one has happened. Now I must share with you what I know that is going to happen in the Northwest and then share with you how to be best prepared.

I believe that within a year, possibly ~~~ late fall or winter of this year ~~~ there will be two disasters. If the first one doesn’t happen first, then you don’t have to believe me at all. But it will happen. The first disaster that kills many will happen somewhere south of Seattle – anywhere to the Oregon border. It could be Mt. Rainier. It could be something else.

The second disaster that will kill many will be a large earthquake centered around the San Juan Islands (slightly north or northeast by the Canadian Islands). This will also send a few tsunami waves. So, what does this mean to you?

Power outages could last not just for days but for weeks. It depends on where you live and the damage to the roads. It will be different for different areas. What will you need then?

You will need a minimum of four (4) weeks of water and food and animal provisions. Your neighbors will not be as prepared as you. Don’t go around telling everyone you have all this food and stuff. Be wise. You also need to share and help the needy. Please help others.

Walk through your house into each room and ask yourselves, “What is it in this room I don’t ever want to run out of?” Get a usb stick to have all info onto your computer safe and keep it updated.

You will need to stay warm. You will need a manual can opener. You will need kindness, love, patience, understanding and calmness.

I have seen that the two disasters here in the Northwest will be close together. For sure within a year of each other. Could be same day, same week, or same month. I will let you know when I know any of this for sure.

I am not trying to scare you. I have heard dozens and dozens of things happening these 20 years and all have happened but these two things. Lately, I’ve had dreams/ visions of what I believe the timing will be. I spoke with one of my student’s parents on this months ago, and her mother also saw the same thing happening (earthquake) here. Besides that, I know of many others who actually really and truly live close to God and have heard the same thing I have heard. I’m not alone by any means on this.

Why am I sharing this with you now? I’ve known about this earthquake (as many others have) for many years. But just the past month, I’ve gotten two different messages of the timing which I believe I shared with you above. I hope I am wrong. Regardless, we should all be prepared for any disaster.

Should any of you be Christians that I am sharing this with, you know that if you call on the Name of the Lord (Jesus) you will be saved. God’s Word says He is a strong tower, and the righteous who run to Him is safe. I have personal testimonies of miraculous “savings” of that very thing happening. I know from firsthand what I am talking about.

For those of you who aren’t Christians (following Christ wholly) you can always turn to Him and He will make Himself known to you. Sooner the better…

Peace and joy be to each of you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Jonathan & I are available.

Blessings on you all! Sincerely, Stephanie Krenning