Destruction to Hit Northwest

June 2005

I HAVE ALWAYS had one dream to depict a natural disaster. I have had several dreams on this particular disaster, for I believe it is because of its enormity and because it is my “home town” area.

I have submitted this word to three or four different sources. The most complete source of this series of dreams/visions I have sent to a person who is a type of media/producer. I have sent every dream from the Lord on this one disaster (perhaps two) to affect the Northwest to this person. He found me, and he is a Christian. At some point, I will make all the details available. I have colors, numbers, and various details all recorded and submitted.

I dreamed of the waters in the northern area of Washington State, up to the border of Canada becoming very angry. Actually, a supernatural sized whale was angry in the waters causing death and destruction. This was the first dream. In that dream, (and the second dream only where I have had a timing connected to it), I turned to my husband (in the dream) saying, “This is the second disaster having hit us today that has killed so many people!”

ANOTHER DREAM I saw a computer screen and it immediately had a life of its own. That is to say, I saw it become the map of the United States. I was across the room in the dream beholding all what was to about to be shown on this computer screen.

Next, the camera panned across the United States and brought me to a place in lower British Columbia close to the United States border, and a black asterisk type of star appeared and marked the spot. Then again the scene swept over to the coast of Washington State and Canada border area. Another asterisk type of star appeared. Then writing came in sand color, with bold thick block letters and filled the page with what was to happen.

The only part I can remember was that the disaster was going to kill many people, and it mentioned the word “virus”. But it came from this particular area.

YET ANOTHER DREAM I traveled from the San Juan Islands to the Canadian Islands to warn people to be ready to protect themselves, most importantly to repent! In this dream, I experienced two waves, with the knowledge of a third, the most destructive, wave coming. This one would take lives.

I have had other dream/visions of the wave and had it confirmed later that day.

I am given the same area in all dreams that bother with geographical matter concerning this particular disaster. I believe possibly that (someone looked up the word virus) because of our venomous backbiting in the Northwest, that we will be under judgment. This interpretation is not a “thus saith the Lord”.

I have had many more dreams with specifics, and even some warnings of another disaster that happens right before this second one. I believe that God has shown me that we are going to experience a serious earthquake, a shifting of the tectonic plates. This is the second disaster, and the one I believe will trigger a Tsunami here in the Northwest.

The first disaster I spoke of in the first dream in this article, seems to happen in a mountainous region. I was fleeing from a mountain in one dream as destruction was traveling down the mountain. I was trying to warn everyone to get out. I’ve had other dreams/visions that seem to support this.

Like I said earlier, that this is the second dream in which I’ve been given a timing. There is a particular happening that is to manifest with my husband and I before this disaster takes place. This happening has yet to happen, but we believe it is close at hand. We will post this when it happens.

God has relented of such disasters through the repenting of His people which requires a change of heart. We know of many intercessors that have prayed against this disaster the past three years, but we have not seen a change of heart in the Northwest.

To change means to react differently than you have before. This is ridding the old wine skin so that the new can come on.

Being in ministry, we have seen that Christians are too eager to say something negative about another Christian whether they have been hurt or disappointed by another or not. This has to stop. God’s Word makes it clear, that “…they shall know we are Christians by our love.”

God bless you from Glory to Glory as you continue to seek Father God and walk according to His holiness which He has made available to us all through His precious Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Regardless of the disaster that comes your way, PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS outloud over you or your household (or whomever you are believing for) and see the salvation of God!!!!

Jonathan & Stephanie Krenning